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Worst animated movie character Mickey Mouse from steamboat Willie for a multitude of reasons most of which I won't get into on this pod, but he stinks. And we've mentioned about this one thousand times, especially when needed the basketball draft control said that Mickey Mouse can carry a team. Mickey Mouse can't carry team. You can't even be in a fucking movie more than three times in a century. So no, he stinks, he's only the face the franchise, but he does nothing. Okay. I think we're past the point of Mickey hate here. Like we just can't argue anymore. We know where everyone stands. I know where you stand. I disagree with it. I think Mickey is a delightful character. I will defend that. I think that symbolizes the company that is. Very well known and that's the best thing I can say Nicki. Yeah, that's all you got. All right. I still love them still easy opposite of Winnie. The Pooh wears pants on the bottom. Yeah, yeah. Shirtless little portly mouse. Number five for me ver-. Ken Jackson Five. By the way Mickey Mouse steamboat. Willie number five. For me from Polk. Amman, ask him. I do not like ash. It's fair. Never did. I liked Brock and misty much better. Ashes, just whining big complainer has some of the best poke amount in the world very titled to yet entitled some of the best poker on ever and just wines complains, I will say decry. He wasn't. He like five years old and canon or something like that. Really, super young. I don't. I don't remember like he's he's an age that you're like. That's way too fucking young for him to be hanging out with Brock and misty and traveling around alone in battling like animals full does in gyms and everything. Yeah. Okay. So yeah, I picked at. I just not a fan of ash Ketchum tra- bowlen's number five. I picked this is a group pick. They go together. I picked the Volkers from the jungle book, the animated jungle book. They're terrible characters. A fun fact. They originally wanted the Beatles, the battles to play them and the movie. They declined. So they all have these very bizarre varied. English accents, I think. And I think one one actually does have a voice sounds a lot like John Lennon they where the bids. During those. You're so glad to be here with you. Do Cox where the Beatles sitting here with the Beatles? No. The Beatles. Do conches. Me is the Beatles. So voters from jungle book number five, number five for the audience. This one. I mean, I check twice. I thought I got it wrong from Space, Jam Bugs Bunny book funny why? What's. I don't understand. Not Daffy duck, you're, you're put Donald Duck on that list. Daffy duck on their one of the bigger douchebag and looney tunes Bugs Bunny why Donald. I have nothing to say about that. EFI ducks. Just a complete like irredeemable Astle think we need to start adding like short-form answers to these, fill them explain themselves. I just like there's there's no. I don't know what to say. I absolutely no idea why Donald Duck is on this list to be bugs Bunny's in this list shots. Bunch of people mad that he got the smash, Lowell. Yeah, because that's right. Our audience pick Lola bunny as celebrity movie crush for part of my take. Good point. He's texting that is. She's busy text later, our audience fucking. Won't drive over to my house. Our our audience fucking love, cartoon rabbits. They're horny for lowly. Lola rabbit. Wow. Okay. Ken, Jack, number four. My number four is captain feebis from Hunchback of Notre Dame only because he cooked The Hunchback a real dick move for like a movie that was really heart warming up until that point. And then it's like, oh yeah, we'll still going to smash gross cakes. After all that after you save the day Quasimodo still gonna. Fuck your girl. Probably raw. I know..

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