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Took our new recruit nick from for eleven hours Avenue along the way down here stays tin an eighteen. Also mm-hmm unbelievably well prepared and superfit late Recruit Co. Chris before the no no slipping snakes Ozo- Ozone Pay West. The thought it'd be nice thing today together experience. The sunset indeed are not up to pack. The handsome Hungarian Gabor ending is always running dolls. The disappointment of the bad things things like northern these. It's it's just that it sits you. I've lost his injuries. Were you say not moment. Uh Tim's entire extended family carring Olga. How everyone I'm recording? This podcast wiggle televised. Fantastic last minute cameo from a chap called Ian Ian on leg five that you'll have to wait to hear to believe as with any group of amateurs having a cracker something like the PG our our prep and training was mixed sporadic. And generally more last minute and undercooked them would have been ideal. None of our lives. In the Lake district some have hills in Yorkshire Darvish on that doorstep of those are in the home counties counties. I'm on the south coast so we have to make do with what we can get. We also have jobs families injuries and countless other aspects to our busy lives that pushes the Bob Graham them off the top of the priority list however we do have a whatsapp group so the BG. I is always bubbling away in the background. Mark Kennedy Kennedy Created Group B.. Gr Two thousand eighteen attempt. Mark Kennedy added Mark Kennedy entity changed as groups. I read this year. I think we can test the route to bet leg one. We could have more direct KAZIC depart. It is park bridge fixed. Direct great carver descent will need to Rocky River crossing question. If there is a better final blend Catherine Santa Roots and can we take parachute on. Nick did I hear you say you've done the parachute I haven't done the parachute route but a friend of mine completed the Bulk Doc. Graham round the other week whilst tracking his progress online I noticed he had come of holes fell talk with strange way in the dark. I have since spoken to him and asked about his katherine descent. Basically it's a trot known as the parachute route from the summit. You head to the right above gate Jill then sweep down towards middle tongue. He says it's quite difficult difficult to find the start. But there is a market. Ken One hundred yards or so down from the summit and is a superfast direct descent. He added is a safer dissent than the holes fell ridge in in his fastest descent using this route. Eighteen minutes to throw killed in other news. I am at a little mixed concert. Jesus this truly is a huge day. Now things came together in two thousand eighteen in a couple of weeks go. Tim had been on shared parental leave. Since his first born Harvey had arrived and he'd used up his training in the mountains as well as changed. NAPPIES Tanno was running well as he always seems to. But neither contender Ricky Graham legs as much as the experts tell you is wise. All of us were riddled with nerves has doubts and in some cases like mine a complete lack of understanding about the size of the Endeavour about five days before the book and just now so at my kid. This team is the Monday before the attempt just got back from my final training run. One three reasons didn't ridiculously early. One is I'm totally anal about these things and I'm always early for everything completely completely. Pointless fashion four miles per in absolutely boiling hot weather. But secondly I really enjoy doing it and so okay juiciest flying which is even from the practical reasons actually. I'm away next week's Tuesdays. It's Tuesday he thinks. I'm just sorting through all the various. That's what I thought Schmidt Forget. Why actually doing just logistically to get? Is it difficult. But it's not what I did in front of my family here. All pretty miffed going to be away for a week. Again that breaks my very important level headed load support. I am making my list and checking it twice to make go. I have remembered all the stuff I said I'd bring. I have gotten an emergency crazy all times with the Larry. King that frequent B.'s..

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