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I have when i laugh at every trailer i know what it is when there's like eight versions of a trailer and everyone is money you already know the movies good it's already fun you seem like a third of the movie is and it's really funny yeah you know what i mean that's how the trailer game is but you know sometimes you feel like one trailer kneeling own that one's okay and we'll have i could see me because it's just my job when i see a truly unlike district yet you already know his true i'm i'll wait for an affluent yes or i'll wait for ondemand but this edberg trailer has millions here so y'all know where i'll be on friday zia theater well let's get into this interview with regina hall one of the stars of girls trip think yulon girl floor sorry i've never do it right echo in ori the pacific ocean gaga's still in hollywood if we are and we got the girl the around the ring girl and i love you because after maryland tunnel under your hat now an alcohol and then other than accent yeah oh yeah rising has it really does hair southeast yes but regina hall is and how well thank you lot inco welcome a toast before we start does not what are you know what i do need something to tell us what this is what i love to toast to the brilliance that is regina hall all these years you use held us down onscreen and represented us in such a beautiful wasilla toast to u s k thank you thank you that was good amid dan i didn't see girls trip was a notion next film moulana told me you steal it.

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