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Am six forty live everywhere on the radio talking next hour really tell you about the end of the thirty six hour manhunt for a guy who shot at the police station in Paso Robles shooting a sheriff's deputy in the head but I'm in serious condition guarded conditions killing a fifty year old homeless man in Paso Robles and then apparently was making his way up and down the Salinas riverbed as bunch of homeless encampments there but they ended with a shoot out yesterday afternoon they did kill twenty six year old Mason lira currently he shot another couple of law enforcement officers in the final confrontation but he has been killed apparently his dad said he had suffered from some mental issues for quite a time everybody loves Jared by the way I'm John bull G. is showing you the video did one of those handle of events did you even see the video now I have to show it because it's speaking of Jared there are anti paving cult members that have been arrested in Hawaii for violating the quarantine will tell you their story coming up B. four at the end of the hour but every morning we come into work and Nick wonders where is Jennifer do looks yeah I don't know his every day is this the digital imaging on a you know we all kind of watch on a different stories although this is a pretty amazing story crazy the quick time line Jennifer do Los back in twenty seventeen June of twenty seventeen filed for divorce said she's afraid of her husband I'm she vanishes about Wilson just a little more than a year ago say end of may of twenty nineteen she vanishes after she dropped off for five kids at school a month later Jennifer's husband the ex husband Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend are arrested for evidence tampering in August the girlfriend turns on photos in the police interviews admits she lied when she said that she had an alibi forum in September he's arrested again for evidence tampering in January of this year they're both of the acts in the the girlfriend are charged with murder and then about one end of July January he's found unresponsive at the at his home in a suicide attempt and eventually died about a day and a half later well apparently as they continue to look for her body they do believe that she met a violent ending at the hands of photos to do lists they have come across a mansion that says a three million dollar home and it looks like potus was going to do some work on this mansion at some time so they've gone in and are searching this thing the I guess the interesting slash discussed things slash sad part about it is that they have brought in septic tank removal teams to drain this sixteen foot deep our property our sixteen foot deep tank a property on the I'm sorry instincts foot deep tank on the property lotus tulis is construction group had a contract to demolish this place after it was damaged in a flood no one's lived in it since late twenty seventeen he did live in it for a time but it was ten years ago is very short time before the another guy bought it so they haven't said if the demolition was supposed to begin or why it didn't begin before Jennifer duelist vanish but votive like we said killed himself before her murder in June on trial for murder of last year police searched the property but they never got a search warrant to do it and they gained entry by getting permission from the owner and at that time they did not bring cadaver dogs are forensic teams or I search that septic tank we like they did with his other properties is weird I mean if you had any any inkling that this woman was dead and potentially taken apart I mean remember he was accused of along with the girlfriends dropping multiple garbage bags full of stuff that included some of her clothing and bloody items throughout different areas around town now the two of them got married back in two thousand four it was his second marriage Fotis and Jennifer that same year her dad was loaning him money for his property business which I didn't know about before and then shortly after he starts the affair with the girlfriend Michelle and then the dad dies and it seems like that's when the money problems began and when he started going after Jennifer with threats violent threats and she even put in divorce papers and she was terrified that he was going to kill her unfortunately people put that in there court documents all the time to make it look more severe than it really is well it was that bad for Jennifer to Los I'm I have always wondered this I know that he has said that he had nothing to do with her death right yeah I had that weird note too yeah suicide note I'm do people who are not involved in a murder commits suicide just down and I was wondering like if your suicide note is you stocking about how you didn't kill your ex wife you know why are you killing yourself while you have the prospect of fighting for your life seems to me to be much more appealing than just killing yourself I don't know maybe that's just I don't know they talk about one to one neighbor recalled an incident June of twenty seventeen and this again would've been right about the time that she filed for divorce said that she found Jennifer Gillis crying in their driveway and she had told the neighbor Jennifer told the neighbor that photos dealers I just tried to run her over in that she had to jump out of that way in that same summer on that same neighbors said she watched both his chase Jennifer through the house Jennifer barricaded herself in her bedroom wall photos was pounding on the door she said that a calm down when he realized that she and one of the children were also in the room did you see the statement from the girlfriend the shelter conus C. I shouldn't have trusted him yeah says my name is miss shelter counters for the past year people have said many things about me some kind some cruel I was advised by my lawyers to remain quiet and rely on the justice system which is very frustrating for me because there's a lot I wish to say it's been nearly a year since I first heard about the disappearance of Jennifer do less as a mother I'm saddened for the loss of these five kids have suffered being left without both parents in such a short period of time but despite the way I've been treated by police I know nothing about Jennifer do losses whereabouts or what may have happened to her I know that under American law I don't have to prove my innocence but actually to me it feels that way during all this time a public scrutiny to those who are quick to judge people that don't know me let me say this it's possible to miss judge others okay hold on a second this next line is the key to me this woman claims that she knows nothing about Jennifer's disappearance he knows nothing about what happened to her where she is where she could be here's the key whether or not Fotis was capable of doing the things the police and prosecutors accused him of doing I do not know yes you do what's I do not know if your boyfriend is a capable of killing and chopping up his ex wife she had been sleeping with this guy for four years you spend forty minutes with somebody you know if they're capable of murder she says based on what I have learned in the last year I think it was a mistake to have trusted him you don't get to play the moron cartel the time I didn't know he seemed nice to me you never killed me and chop me up idiots.

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