GM, David Griffin, Brian discussed on Warriors Off-Court


Not a whole lot. As consultant. I would take part in phone calls with Bryan Colangelo and David Griffin. Driver Rabin on the call. Sometimes. Just discussing basketball matters. And. So I did that for a few years and Brian left for Toronto to be GM there, Robert Ashby to GM and. I did it surprise you. Or did you know that cut you start at all or well, Brian was Brian left and took a year for Nido take the job. I was. David Griffin is running the operation. Mike, Tony was GM. During that year. But Robert really wanted. Separately GM. Felt it was too much sponsor -bility. For the coach Mike, and I agreed with that. It's a tough thing to do. So you know after year, I decided to do it and. So I was there two thousand seven to ten and. Incredible learning experience. And. Just a. It was it was a whirlwind. Zero hundred Jewish in them. Were you living in San Diego? Then tire time. Well, I got a condo and cenex my family state in San Diego. I went back and forth. That's part of the GM job. Gives you flexibility instead of going to college and scouting games..

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