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Election Day. We have a couple of several things were doing no anarchy. I have the presidential poll at human Show. On Twitter. Who are you voting for today? No comments. Keep this civil, please Retweet. 72% right now for Trump 28% for by you convey that he would show on Twitter. Also, you can answer the huge question of the day Who gets your vote. And what was the main reason you voted for your choice for president today, please? No negative comments. Let's keep this civil That's on the healed show Facebook page. You can also join us what 8668384432186683 huge on air to enter the huge question of the day. You can opt in on the huge text chain text the word huge to 21,000. That's the word huge 2 to 1000. I'll talk to Doug Scheme. He was a five time big 10 football champion on the offensive line at Michigan. He joins us on the draftkings Guess I'm from the east side of the state listening on am 12 70. How you doing, my friend. You regret you are doing on this Sunny, beautiful Michigan Day. Yeah. Election day. Perfect weather. The weather. The next week is like we're living in Florida or something. With temperatures bumping up towards 70 this weekend actually saw Game time kickoff attempt Saturday at noon and Bloomington for the Indiana Michigan game, said 71 degrees. Well, you better get your sunscreen out as you go down a blooming but it put on the big Johnny. Hey, we need big the big hold a big net. The big Net jersey is gonna be hot out there so Try to sweat too much. Gotta hydrate Start Thursday nights. You don't stroke out on Saturdays. Better start drinking that water. It's going to be interesting how they respond. You know, Harbaugh. Call it a gut punch. What was just a lethargic start to finish performance. Gaddis now is saying he's taken the blame. They didn't prepare well and I'm thinking when I read that quote from his comment 97 1 the ticket in Detroit. It's game to your season was delayed almost two months and you're offensive coordinator after an impressive win over a ranked team now playing your rival. Can come out. The week after that performance against Michigan State and say you're not prepared. What the hell is going on? That's a fair question Huge and certainly raises a flag and a and a few other questions in my mind that how is that possible that That's one of the seems like one of the common denominator questions for the last couple years with a couple of stinky performances by Michigan football last year at Wisconsin. How is that possible? Last year Ohio State. How is some of these things We're seeing possible and it makes you wonder and try to fill in the blanks, But we don't know We're on the building. But We can only go with what we see what we saw Saturday was one of those stinkers. That Michigan just didn't play to their capacity to. They're up to their ability, and at the same time Hat's off to coach Tucker and Michigan State because they came to play football in the executed in whipped or pot. From what you watch, too. Near review and your podcast to the wolverine dot com Chris Vallis Douglas to what you did on that game to review looking back. So that Saturday performance by Michigan against Michigan State, Why did they drop off so drastically from game 12 game too? Interior Offenses line play huge when we had the football, Michigan State's interior offenses, wine and interior linebackers, Uh, Simmons kid from Ann Arbor at at a wonderful day, their middle linebacker. Their interior manhandled our interior. We were not getting movement at the guard position. Our center was having a hard time getting up the linebackers. We weren't getting the linebackers efficiently. They were moving their linebackers and defensive line very effectively. They would shade one side of an offensive lineman and stunt to the opposite. The backside offenses. Lyman, who was expecting an empty hole, suddenly had someone in his face in that person that was in his face was below their neck. So we were out of position standing too tall. We weren't moving people like we were the previous week up in Minnesota and again, there's nothing you can say other than we did not adjust. We didn't correct. And Michigan State performed and that equals offensive struggles and looking on Aaron McMann from M live dot com. He Tweeted out the quote from John's Caddis, Michigan's offensive coordinator. I did not think our preparation was up to par or it was up to the standard that we needed to be. Got us told 97 1. The ticket in Detroit. Our sister station 12 70 that falls on me. You know, it sounds like hardball on the coach's after the Wisconsin debacle. September 2019. That doesn't do it for me. When a coach can say we didn't prepare well, because there is something missing, Doug and I know we talked about it during our football summit. At the Telemark Golf Resort before this season began. But the inconsistencies we've seen under hardball with Michigan football after year one, Okay? Maybe you're too was pretty strong outside of Spain getting hurt and the other clothes laws to Ohio State, But we'll go past year too. And we'll say since that point This team will give us a game like Notre Dame last year at the Big House, Then they gave you at Wisconsin. Then they give you at Minnesota this year, and they give you Michigan State at home last Saturday. Something has to be happening off the field that we know nothing about. Well, it's hard to explain, and I tell people because I get the questions asked a lot of you were there you play that you did it and the only people that really know the answer to that roller coaster problem that streaky nous that I call it. Bill are the guys in the building the coaches and players in there every day. There's some reason, but we're never going to know it. We're never going to know the full answer always sees the performance where we do get in the same season it Wisconsin and Notre Dame performance in 2019. And at some point in this season, Michigan's gonna look outstanding. They're goingto absolute manhandle opponent. I don't know who that's going to be. Then we're going to look back and go. How was that same performance capable of what we saw against Michigan State? The great programs that are consistent don't have those huge highs and those terrible lows. They're consistent. They just performed and this is this is this is no longer a coincidence. It's a pattern. Of the of this football program. It seems like every year we have this absolutely bewildering performance. We don't understand and for a coach was in a 60 years, six here I would expect that we would have been passed this so to here. The office is important to understand. We didn't know her well enough. Well, you should have known that probably on Tuesday and fixed it by Wednesday. But that didn't happen, and they carried over to Saturday to a great loss for Michigan and a great wind for the Spartans. It's just frustrating for former players. I'm sure it's frustrating for the current players. And and we just sat there asking questions, and the biggest question of all is six years in. We're still having this problem. How is that possible? The same conversation really, like I said outside of the first two years. It would be ever since that point the same conversation and hey, now you have a quarterback even though Milton's touch and he was looking at one receiver, not looking at 2nd and 3rd options that were wide open. You know, not just gathers in its preparation comment, But the endgame adjustments offensively and even defense of Lee, letting white just almost go for 200 receiving when he had one catch. The week before, or milk just staring out of receiver that you know, in between Siri's somebody is on adjusting offensively Defense Sibley for Michigan, the lack of emotion from Harbaugh and the players. This was a rivalry game. You had great weather. Here. You're up to number 13 on the pole after winning a huge road game against the rank team, and, Yeah, they got blown out. They'd be in Minnesota by Maryland on Friday night, but there was a lot for the taken there, especially in state rivalry. Recruiting Emma. She was down after losing the Rutgers and it It was a lifeless performance. Doug start to finish. And you just You know some of the some of the football stuff. Their bills you just mentioned is another one of those. How is this possible questions? Early in the football game..

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