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What are the five editions worth of war? Els Follow you know based on DNA war. Yeah so we just WANNA dishes perspective when this Stashing stores and I came on as a box set A spiral bound books in it. I have two copies of of those I got one. That Corey win was wonderful enough. Got Me One. And he got Jeff Plain sight coverage is really cool. Cool sets up Michelle forgotten other one's been like a multiple read through hopefully play copy Sunday and then he put out essentially like a second edition. Kickstarted it Yep Jeff did and it's this this it's bigger and heftier than a dungeon crow classics book. It's actually sicker. Yeah it's a it's a meaty fucker but I'll tell you man it's it's really it's all in one you get this book you're done. Yes it's a one stop shop and I think one of the things that people are surprised that when they maybe go to the booth just kind of pricey but when you think about the fact that we are getting everything you need to run the game in one volume And it's good quality. Yes like his nationally. Not that expensive when you think of it. Where your your books if you happen to pay cover price? What one hundred fifty dollars in? Yeah to get the same stuff. Yeah Yeah I like that. That is kind kinda cool. Where it's it's not self-referentially does its guests here? It's setting is really handy so I shouldn't say really handy but I love the fact that I can use it in multiple with will ways when I when I read it. I'm like oh I could. I could transport people here which I think it kind of a cool way to intro people into it because then everything here is weird. and they'll be shocked octane disoriented and act accordingly than the learn about the setting and so forth. You said you've run it with justice system. What is it about the system that makes you think that it's the your favorite version of Dandy so I love like we were talking about the classes? I think the classes that were just really well. Done really tight They're fun to play. I don't think anyone ever feels they're useless. Table regardless of what their look classy pick I like that the race. It's race Manu pick mostly role playing. You're not gonNA get any benefits you know for being a viking versus being look at Amazon. But it's all roleplaying flavor And the just the so the advance stuff like the advanced combat options. If you choose to use fun senator rolling to hit every time you can choose to do different you know whether you're shield bashing Or a shield wall are fighting the shield and spear type stuff You can so you can make a character that kind of fits a certain genre that you WANNA play What else about Nick WanNA play versus It's just it's easy to run. I really do love the initiative system. It's one of the things that people get freaked out about on because it cited initiative but there are two phases and I think the way I think about it is it's kind of like how. Adhd we have a Morality D. had they didn't call it they weren't phases but they were Segments yeah segments. It's not as indepth or as hard to Iraq that stuff So if we're if we're doing it how would you so we may not all right. So let's say you're my player in the DM that we both will d six and you roll from the whole your all your player characters. I'm rolling to the monsters and let's say I win right but my monsters have to run more or than what half they're moving rate or whatever to get you and you're saying they were the bow ready. Even though you one hour you lost initiative you could still shoot my dudes Abo- as they're running at you you so there are phases there like if you can't finish this and phase one than the other side guest do their essays one action which would be setting stolen shooting and for some reason that freaks people are like really way more difficult than it is. But it's it's just more than and it's usually only the first round of combat forces are clashing Yeah because you had a distance and either you stay at distance or try to stay in one side's tries to stay in an close or just pure close. Yeah get and it allows for a little bit of tax. I never really play Bridget but there is a little tactical. Like Hey we're going to be. Let's make a shield wall and and stop dudes through the second ranks and use their spears and things things like that Because there's there's weapon Lincoln that kind of stuff so when you're doing this you saying you don't often use a grid you find it. Plays the theater of the mind experience with it. Works really well. Yeah yeah very well. I don't I don't think I've ever actually used grit with it The most I'll do is right. Down the coups engage with WHO and kind of people rust ideas or people on the battlefield but my group loves Pathfinder because they like the Uber Tactical supergrass crunchy stuff. And I'm kind of I'm like okay. That's the thing but for me when the disadvantages for a game of looking like if I can't run a theater the mind. I want that option to be a good clean option in trying to run a super crunchy like path breath under three zero. Three five is almost impossible in my opinion is really. I've done it but he's really often asked to be so hainault like it. It's almost I mean it's designed so the the The map near that the more than other Games are But without worry I think it's more of a instead of a crunchy kind of character building or using your abilities in ways that are synchronized with other ones. It's more like actual tactical combat like. Hey we're in a close space and I'm GonNa make I'm GonNa negotiate failings so they can't get past me and the guys behind me are going to use their spears stab things you know so kind of like real world more orwell's fighting type stuff than Than rules sheets stuff like that makes sense with the so then I don't want to. I don't think this is the knock on it but feels like a lot old school games that the skill the player can be very helpful. Right if you're if you're not if you're like hey lies is we earlier. I look around dude. Come on what exactly you're going for. I think because it's that old school style. You need to say those things like I look underneath the throne. I slit the cushion. I look under stop it. This type of game is that type of over explanation. Some people would say that detail explanation getting into the activity really chewing the scenery so to say is almost required to really get into it. Because once you're doing that you're you're in in that mode right and I think this game. It's got some cool stuff to it but to really take advantage of that stuff it it also. I feel encourages me when I read it. I feel like I want to do that stuff. And maybe that's just Jeff's magic with how he's outlining stuff but it's like amit describing it as you want to do and that's what the game masters help you figure out. Yes sure I also muscle love reading. It brought me back to being a kid again because I've never read a core book as much as I've read this just for fun. You know fun read is is a good read actually. Yeah That you know this. BCC are like my things. I was just like I will read the scorebook as as for pleasure and leisure and not just for like like preparing for games. Do you find Let's see here the only thing I from an old school perspective with the back to the monster's unleashed talk about monsters for second so rice it has migo so those are like through Love crafting temper stuff but also has the you know the the apes and I think at this have androids to several butts. I can't remember rope. Robots robots. I don't have the corporate here. I can look but looking up the rules at table at school. Hey just which Sloan play down a little bit shut up but I mean we're great research on the Atomic Hamadan. Sounds kind of goal type things you know But I love the fact that the creditors call if I wanted to run this and I wanted to run founded with five write a love the setting mcnabb and wanted to five. I think he would really if you want to use five monsters. You're going to have to go through. And parse you're GONNA have to did you lot of legwork. I think cleaning did a great job with the creatures in the monster manual all our vodka and fit their what their wonderfully plucked walked from all the right pieces and parts of all that weird fiction that he loved that he plugged into here. And I think that's the piece when I read it even as a tier with sometimes gives it tears. I get kind of you know glassy-eyed buzzing through them but this one I felt like there's so many wonderful modules and pieces pulled directly from all this cool stuff you oh all I know where that's from and even if that's not a thing you've done if you haven't read all that stuff it just if it will fit yeah which I think is can be really challenging especially for you know the main book is Lexicon Alexa Pages. It's it's heavy but it's broken into chunks rights again mosman players guide. DMZ Guide guest here all the Shit magic items all one book but all the monsters are wonderful. curated to help. Whenever you lay that in into a group is going to enhance the experience? You don't have to say well. It's a red cap but I had to change it Shit it has a power. That doesn't really work or all. I didn't know that when fit or whatever you know what I'm saying it just everything in it is wonderfully aligned with the setting what he's trying to make you feel when you're playing it now but those pretty cool and you do have some of your like traditional dnd monsters There aren't you're not going to have like Goblins goblins in cobalt hobgoblins. But there are ORCs for their a little bit different. Though ORCS in this game are essentially demonic spawn of the picks So a a little bit different But at the same time You might have loses things that I think the DVD Going fit more in a sort of sorcery genre. Then you know then picking the high fantasy stuff And then you got your definitely like Howard. Lovecraft Smith influences when you run this when you run this you tend to run. The pre published astonishing servicemen adventures. Or do you make your own. How you doing it? I do you both I think it's a lot like how I run a lot of my games is I'll put seeds in those things. I WanNa do like homebrew or things. I've I've come up with And then other published adventures. I saw I start like bringing in the rumors and hints beforehand. So it's not so forth when they go to the next one so I like the might start hearing the things things that could possibly be another adventure path enact just kind of leave it to them I think most of the stuff I've done on my own homebrew stuff is Ben's ethnicity state of Camario Rem. 'cause I think it's fun you know and it's it's real easy to kind of riff on length. Mar N's use. Those influence makes sense. Yeah Yeah because if you do that there's enough the adventures that are out there and the other thing that I like. They remind me the adventures remind me very much of the DC stuff. They're not like they're not fifty thome. No if you're like beneath the comet in in rats in the walls they're very very tight in condensed they feel like those d- size adventures and old school modules. Were you can buzz through it like like. Oh I got this boom and you can. You can read that in like a day or less and get ready to run that sucker. Yeah so I. I think that's an advantage to me because then if you wanna see that stuff out author you can talk about the comet the rats the walls the you know the charnel pit you can lay that stuff out there and almost west Martius style say. Look wham there's These potential things out there go get it. Yeah where you're going to see who wants is he wants to go grab onto it. Yeah and I saw the to to do the comparison with DC mm-hmm the decency. Adventure modules are usually around ten thousand words And designed. You can't.

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