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Half trillion dollars of our country's debt second only do mortgages and it's it presents a massive burden on dissidents who are afflicted by this but it it presents a massive problem for the people who have this debt that they can never escaped from in two thousand five i think it was uh george w bush's administration made it so that you can't escape you can't bankruptcy out of student loan debt so once you take this on your stuck with it for the rest of your life and even then and a lot of the fine print for loans they'll say you may be forgiven your debt if you die maybe so awesome we'll see at the time but i it's a huge weight on so many americans not only that but the cost college to begin with is a huge financial barrier to some of our greatest minds we could have students uh perspective shooters you want to go to college and could be brilliant they could have the cure for cancer in the back of their mind but will never find out because they have to work forty hours at walmart and then go work thirty more hours at mcdonald's across the street and that's wrong we can't be locking behind our greatest minds behind unreasonable financial burdens and even then like is the existing debt still needs to be dealt with me view of the cost of college ultimately needed tuition free model but for now we have to stop the bleeding however we can i do have a plan for dealing with student loan debt in a meaningful way that would help the students in their communities and basically ever wanted involved uh but perhaps us a little bit uh beyond the scope of this interview yeah.

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