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The sun shall be in the playoffs. As they have won this game defeated the Los Angeles Clippers and a big victory. They never trailed in the entire ballgame. And the final here tonight. The Senate's get the win the Suns 109. The Los Angeles Clippers 101, and that's how it sounded on Arizona Sports 98 7 FM as the Phoenix Suns did Clinton playoff berth It's their first one guys since 2010 10 season drought, it's time for the fifth longest, all time. Devin Booker, the star on the Sun's was in middle school, the last time the Sun's made the postseason. What the NFL big trade or quarterback the Broncos. They added Teddy Bridgewater and deal with the Panthers. Carolina gets 1/6 round draft pick out of the deal they will pay $7 million to Bridgewater while the Broncos will owe him just three million and that's a source told ESPN Adam Schefter. Trade will not take the Broncos. Whoever they have the ninth overall pick it will not take them out of the market for a quarterback in Thursday, tonight's NFL draft, a source tells ESPN Yes, NFL Draft Finally tonight on ESPN, ABC, ESPN radio. Coverage begins on ESPN radio at seven P.m. Eastern, and the Jaguars will make their first pick shortly after eight p.m. Eastern. That'll be on ESPN, ABC. And, of course, right here on ESPN Radio. Trevor Laurence, Look, you become the first clubs in player in the common draft era. Be selected first overall SportsCenter brought you by Goodyear. Goodyear knows from here on out, every game is a chance to create momentum to make the right past to make the right move to hit the perfect shot. It takes momentum to get through the playoffs, and it takes everything to capture China. Goodyear More driven. Sanjay will soon presented by Progressive Insurance. August Join us on the Goodyear Hotline. Let's bring in General Lasky, our ESPN football analyst, Indio 12 year veteran of the NFL as well as a quarterback and it is draft day Dad and We've been talking about the quarterbacks here and the Chicago situations. Let's bring you in on that conversation. Yes, he's talking about with Mr Boesky, ending up now in Buffalo. He just sees it as a the bear should have just kept him and be. He thinks that your biscuit could be just developed. And wind up just like we're seeing Ryan Tannehill and maybe even what Jamie's Winston and Marcus Mario is doing is that reset somewhere is a backup and then reach your potential elsewhere. What do you think? I don't disagree. You know, I think with touching the Mitchells Robiskie situation, I think the reality is that we have realized that Chicago just wasn't very good at developing a quarterback. Okay, So now he goes to Buffalo two. Keys point. And the thing that has stood out about Josh Allen's progression in Buffalo is how much he has developed how much that organization and coaching staff and player have bought into his own personal development. So it's a great place for Mitch Trip risky to kind of show. My talent is good enough. Have said this for two years. Now, most of these quarterbacks that get drafted into the NFL that our franchise quarterbacks, they don't not make it because they don't have talent. Mitchell Grabowski has talent. They fail because the team the player, the organization does not figure out what their one or two major flaws are. And they don't attack that flaw to make sure that that flaw doesn't hold them back. And Mitchell Drabinsky's was mechanics. His feet were terrible, and they never got better. So if they fix that in Buffalo, he's talented enough to go. All right. Maybe there is this development progression that he can go on now with Chicago. Listen, Listen, This is simple for me tonight for Chicago. You go into this draft anticipating or believing that Andy Dalton does not exist. He doesn't exist. He's not on your football team. Because then that creates urgency. If one of these quarterbacks does start to fall does start to slip just a little bit if a trey Lancer Mack Jones or Justin Fields, and I think it's really trailer Justin Fields That it would be worthy to go get so to speak. If those guys start to fall. You can't sit back if you're Chicago back now, we're good. We got any adult and we don't need to be ultra aggressive yet you do if they start to slip. It isn't it is your responsibility as an organization to go. You know what Here is our chance to go get a talented a talented young player that we can't pass on. So I think that they need to have the mindset that and he's not on the team to create urgency. Then, if interest that's a team like Denver, right, consider these May trade for Teddy. What do you give up? If you're the bears in order to say I need to get in that nine position. Whatever it's necessary. I mean, J and I know that sounds like a lot, man. But dude, you're you are what is more likely that you ride through this season? If you're the general manager in the head coach Matt, Maggie and Ryan face that you ride through the season with Andy Dalton. And somehow you win 10 or 11 games to get to the playoffs and you save your jobs. Or it takes you next year's won this year's, too, and maybe next year's three or something like that to get up to the nine spot. And you get a young, talented player that you could go to organization. You know what we were. We were eight and nine this year, but we saved our jobs because we got this talented quarterback and give us another year with, um what's more likely? I mean, the latter is the more likely situation. So if it costs you things in the future. Help the present. It's worth it. Mm. What would Dan what were? What was your reaction to Teddy Bridgewater being moved from Carolina to the Denver Broncos. I know mine. A player and organizations were put on notice. I think First of all the organizations with that were put on notice where the teams that thought they could hop up to eight or nine to get a quarterback. I don't think you can. I don't think you if your new England if you're Chicago if you're Washington if your Pittsburgh I don't think you can wait. If you're going to go and get a quarterback, you gotta go ahead of eight now because Carolina making the trade, and I love Sam Donald, and I think he's super talented, But I don't believe that Carolina is going to go into the season with just Sam Donald. Okay. I think they're now at least we got a willy player in the quarterback draft market tonight. What? There's Will Greer sitting there. Yeah. So you You gotta believe that they're a player in the quarterback market tonight, Right? So if you're one of those teams you're thinking like man, we gotta go jump ahead of eight now and then I would say the teams 456 and seven are ecstatic. As if if you want a quarterback come get on, you know, like you gotta pay me a premium, and then I believed you. Lock was put on notice to starting quarterback for Denver. Denver's a playoff team. Playoff team with good quarterback play. They have that now and tell you Bridgewater..

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