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And digital is well. Thanks for watching windy city. He loved there. I could you about a forever but you probably allowed. I'm all all years and mostly mouth. Dan mazer thanks for joining us. Appreciate it thank you very much pretty good to me. It's probably time to revisit. Windy city heat a while. Since i've seen it it's every buddies while it's a cult favor within the community. It's insane people who like the johnny knoxville favorite movies windy city heat. And yes. it's it's insane that we set out to make a movie that started a guy who didn't know he was in a movie or thought he was in movie. But it's got a lot of funny cameras. So max pat sorry. i'm still. I'm looking at the home alone. Reboot twenty-one one. Is that coming out to come. I don't know what the covert holiday it's coming out of the year. Okay home alone. there's no. There's no fish release date all right. I'm just scared because of cova. And all the whatever straight whatever formats that some in more than halfway into twenty one. I didn't know if it came out or didn't know it's coming out. I think disney plus might have a deal with it too. So scarlets gotta sue their asses. You can watch Windy city heat for free on youtube. If you want and for because it's free definitely leave a nice comment or give bump because this is definitely movie that you should pay to watch this is in. It's insane it's not. it's not it doesn't have a rotten tomatoes score doesn't cut. It's like it's more of like it's like an experiment. Yeah was it before borat. Yeah ripped off our format to the people love it. People have at three. You know what these review and six reviews from the critics by the way these reviews look exactly perfect for this kind of movie percents. Yeah listen as dan was saying. I have seen when you see heat in a packed theater in hollywood. And i've never heard that kind of laughing coming out of a theater now. It doesn't mean it's the best comedy because you know you got all your rights. But i never heard more out loud laughs coming coming out of that place and we should do. What here was that. Oh three out not. We're coming up on a twenty year reunion man. Let's do it all right. Let's see we'll take a break. We'll come.

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