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In the clouds and just for a period of about ten seconds soared domeshaped croft fly through the play the break if the clouds and then disappear a moi's intrigued by the way that these flaps occur and these window areas where there seems to be increase of activity because it just seems to be this repeating patentthat it conner does start off with these occasional flashing lights fleeting glimpses of some type of croft in the sky but it seems that the phenomenon itself as part of a flap that happens between a set number of years seems become a bolt was emboldened to iron showing itself but i wonder if it's one or two things is it that it's almost like a hysteria which is building amongst the populace or is it that the intelligence actually is just slowly a accommodating people to that presence think it's more likely that people are always seeing strange things but as it becomes more cater to talk about it let's eizenstat's to appear in the press than people will come forward with their sightings what's really bizarre about all these flaps and in this case as well as a they always say top abruptly they seem to have an abrupt some in the might be a few outlying cases but that does seem to stop will got to the point where people were going climbing in the the mountains of lyles and seeing a formations of these silva objects flying overhead those report from a guy from uh from london who was on holiday he and he seoul some object in the sky the two days later sewer fleet of them you know stewing strange maneuvers of one of the mountains and the oath his wife jane had her own citing this was in the early 1970s chew staying on a cottage on the snowdonia mountains she said it was his brilliant sunny day bluesky perfect visibility and she's looking out of the lake fills the valley and she just said this metallics the ga flew quietly down the valley almost at the same hottest her cottage so she had this perfect side on view of the thing and she describing how the sunlight is glinting of its aluminium.

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