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They're very good at at at sort of kind of getting you excited to say this is going to be a real phenomenon. Whereas maybe the the Clint Eastwood western doesn't have that same sort of zeitgeist feeling to it. But I don't know. I mean, it's wh-. I think we are reduced theorizing AAC. We're not even allowed to talk about the movie and be who the hell knows what goes through the heads of these lovely people. Can I s something that hopefully, you won't bring them by saying it, but I was surprised by Sam Rockwell being supporting nominee not only because that kind of goes crowded is from both comedy and drama. But I. I had gotten the sense that Steve Carell had maybe the bigger part and was more of the takeaway from vice it can anyone China any late on that Carell has the bigger part. But I think Rockwell is playing someone who people are much more familiar with you know, he's as George W Bush. Yeah. Yeah. People certainly new Don Rumsfeld during the Bush years, but like the Bush years were a while ago now, and I think people have forgotten some of the less famous players in the game. Let's say so. Yeah, that that would be my guess, they probably just had a really awesome party. You know, and like Sam Rockwell was probably just being awesome the whole time. And I don't know. I mean, he's good. He's he I think he I think we can say he is good in this everyone, obviously who has seen the trailer there. There's a fair amount of Sam Rockwell in the trailer. And yet to Richard's point. I think it's much it also feels to me a little bit again not to break embargoes. But like, I think Carell is doing less of an impersonation. Than than everyone else's or that, then certainly Christian bale and Sam Rockwell are like Sam Rockwell Christian bale are are like acting like talking like doing the mannerisms of their characters. Whereas I think some of the other folks either we wouldn't know if they were because we're not as familiar or they just decided to take a different route with the performance. It is really weird to have watched George H W Bush funeral yesterday and watched George W Bush gave a eulogy, and then all of a sudden be talking about Dick Cheney and the Bush era again. It's viral marketing for vice and the age. Yes, we'll done on their part joining for you. If you like we've a let you speak it. I mean, I just haven't seen by STAN. So I I guess I wanted to talk a little about TV..

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