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Over they in the same house like in she can say some of those kids won't have some musical talent similarity keep wide eleven. We offer the same day so they have to go. So yeah i mean okay kick you talking about sierra. The baby we forgot will be. What's funny thing. Other people will have on the taylor. All fragment somebody else's very somebody else's private and i forget forces very seem it to other people that are like really pregnant right. Not weird tackles give nixon warble. Y'all ready now to coming out. You always think of of these are awesome tamasese in the neidl because this is so permanent. And although i really don't kids go through ask you can't have kansas. You have your uterus there you can still get has also even so funny vitro some things. I do wanna talk about right. 'cause yano much nastier so kevin mark's wife. Oh yeah any our friend yes. I really soon. Because i'd like to rule her any should do as you baby girl for that anyway. Would you like action came to you. Say hey listen thank you honest vestige of you release it was like three and then what actually wasn't the do this by the because the first is goofy candy candy. Land all nikki. Your momma did vega novel. Alex nikki academy really for real. You almost forty. You're grown billionaire fucking in this. Is the you give. The people disappoints the barbs loved. It occurred how their long at this big nikki mixed you make that saddam what she just pizza though her own drum because oh mcneil just had a baby because her choice in men you know. She decides nikki menards. You're almost forty years old. You decide to get married to get pregnant to a convicted rapist murderer. I mean i just released pitches I just don't know ladies is that. I'm putting the number one female rapper in the game super this heart and this is what. I'm a do my life so trouble but they did have long case so we don't know our meets up the extra. I think saturday cornyn. Ray take those Techy look like it was taken in above fucking okay so in baltimore called bulls rejoinder take a photo plays arrows. They throw away. It's school that's what she took it and they literally yet or six months to a year. I mean i expected an extra. I could've did sixty inch. hey know what. That's what i was was. Naked was qualify as bad down feet. I mean she looked by drizzle and that would have been like best nikki monotonous in would been. It would've been it. Would've been like i would have thought it was cute like for her right to learn. Agile commission to go to the birth alive right. The new issue sex offender data can't be other children. Otis ton of hospital in award newborn unit as you as a concert. Like i'm nikki nikki. That that's a great episode of long gave birth of the child and the mother did no though episode. Where make this baby. And the dot the dot following kill the rapist though he should be this Yoga or maybe he's not. Maybe he is the one who really has changed his life around but then again he was very big. And then the guy that you know the guy that that has about it the white father and his son. The guy that videotape did he got hung has jumped on but since he's been jail he has child pornography case it a case against him so we'll be all over that as well so as we just lie they just sit back right. Yeah right. All stores wars svu located. I mean it has the right culture. They write them first. Phase hour wasted pitchers. Oh yeah got it was but you know what's so crazy because i woke up late that day when i saw the picture it was like a random scenes. Thank over him. Because thanks nicki at least five years ago. Nikki is on your sandy. Expect to be really beautifully. Green solitary pitcher like some colorful as Crumbles in her leg makeup winked typical standard wing. Lonner automated because beautiful faith. I think she's a pretty person. But i think all the This she on to snootiness she. Does she relate here on carpet now and like random baby. I'm really happy miles on a letter. Let us know comes it if we're missing anybody because obviously we can't remember am i did the but ask yes. We're not pregnant as she has to that he has to that. Oh so we haven't really discussed. I don't wanna get into a whole big. But you know. He said that he had convinced cam to not get an abortion. With north north so north will be eight or nine. The opposite was said that he was. He wanted an abortion. Kim see her daughters learned that he our said can be. He's doing way is wary. It's back words. Yes because he said my father didn't want me on an him save nod. Orders lies other wednesday when he said like very the most recent. Tell us the other way like the world is so upset.

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