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Patterson under center load setback is hey, then they bring Bannon motion, the freshman Belva. Give him the ball bell being chased and twisted down behind the line by JR pace. They brought him around on a jet reverse at pay stayed with him. Nice open field tackle a loss on the play back to the twenty third and thirty seven Michigan wolverines on third down. Forty six percent. Twenty four fifty two four the debate tap twenty nine the national Nico Collins split to the left two receivers, right? Wing to the right is the tight end, gentry. Shotgun formation for Patterson do is let the snap. Patterson patterson? Now looking lots of time pocket. Collapsing. Sacked by Joe Ghazi Yano at the sixteen yard lie. Third sack of year for Ghazi Otto. The Wildcats coming up whether six sack of the season and the wolverines go three and out. You know, Joe is not sexy. He's not fancy, but I tell you one thing let the big ten with nine sacks last year, and he was been landless. He'd never gave up. He pressured. The pocket came from the backside. Good sack will heart is the Potter from his own one yard line Riley, lease it single safety at the northwestern thirty six long count, hereby Michigan. Airolo snap. Part. Picks gets the kick away. Spirals went down the middle lay circles feels it at the twenty eight cuts back to the right across the thirty five outside of the four along the sideline and shut down at the forty four yard lie. Noah for a bus back up linebacker. It's the Wildcats after withstanding Michigan's first possession. Get the ball. Good field position. They'll have it at their forty four yard lock great job defensively. They came out on fire and lie drive for Michigan. Allowed our return man to get good return and good field position almost at midfield. Right. So I down for the Wildcats for their own forty four. They bunch three receivers right now. John moten motions into the backfield alongside Thorson on first down play fake Thorson throwing on a slant. Complete poem in the catch just across midfield of the forty nine yard line. Bowman with seventh catch of the year and taken out by David log that Michigan secondary gain a salad. Second three upcoming cats going quickly. God gets the snap. Fakes the game starts to run with it. And he's pulled down after a game. Yard all the play by Reshad, Gary. It's too bad yet. Cam Newton Cam green open and the right flat. He and let him catches a week ago. But that would have been as twelfth catch and a couple of games right there. Blake Hanson was here. He goes out urban is played the right guard spot. Gutter Vogel checks in left tackle third down for the Wildcats four yards. Go at midfield with eleven fifty one to go first quarter. No score. Shotgun. Snap to Thorson quick throw. The catch forty five angles downs. Picks up a first down quick throw Thorson moten for job moten is fifth. Catchier? Devon Gill runs about first down for the wild cast the forty one of Michigan. Good pickup by Clayton on that. He picked up the hot receiver the middle. Linebacker Bush came in on a blitz. And he was the only guy that could take into got rid of the ball just in time wide, right? The freshman JJ Jefferson. They bring Nagel emotion they had the moten molten plows his way through the right side inside the forty down to the thirty seven four yards on first down for John Moulton. No score eleven twelve to go in the first for Wildcats on the drive, your Jordan Glasgow. The stop all the previous play the Wildcats up to the line with two receivers to the right? The short side of the field boat, motions out snapped at Thorson quick pro caught at the forty at a screen at Jefferson thirty twenty five twenty. To the fifteenth. To the five. Guide freshman J Jefferson on a screen with a big play of the Michigan one yard line with David long saves at touchdown. Don't Wildcats are knocking on the door of Michigan. This is what they wanted to how the true freshman. You can see speed is great ability. He growth about three or four tackles on that play. Great bursted down inside the five Clayton Thorson the quarterback under center here. First and goal for the one yard line horse. It straight ahead. Pushed to the pile to the end zone. And let's say no indication yet. Scores from a yard out. And the Wildcats break on top with ten eighteen to go first quarter perfect formula. I'll stop by their offense and had a fifty six yard drive by. Offense going fifty six yards after the stop by their defense. The three and outs played for student ice job. They're scoring his first touchdown of the air. The nineteen of his career Charlie coup banner will attempt the PAT snap. The kick by coup. Pander is up and good seven nothing. Northwestern. Ten eighteen to go. First quarter in Evanston..

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