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Now i i did not i don't uh who is the new cigars at jason state them i don't think so even a loose the goes gotta be a there's gotta men like to go to action it was a i love jason state that we don't have a current reigning champion of al we'd all these we do perot's took over for where is it the rock debt guess so you're either a superhero or you're like in every day i got like a matt damon i mean junaid a dedicated actually rat trans do comedies and stuff diesel ticked he's like five feet john who the reaction guy right now you see a lot of these bad movies and stayed there was a vin diesel the rally the thing is they don't make action movies like that anymore so i mean i guess if we were forced to pick somebody might be it might be stay thumb i don't think there's a modern guy lives no guy i'll tell you the superheroes took over yeah i mean i would i would think i would think that the rock is the biggest action movie star but he's the thing were steven seagal jeanclaude van damme worth both legitimate martial artist so they had on something a little different you know they were cool jackie chan jackie chan who is the other the guy uh chris tucker no not a two jackie chan loosely knows another lee jason lee all angrily now he's writing lena hope a judge says aiding a joke jet li leslie jail young fact oh yeah now we're talking gently deadly yet and johnny deputies roger goodell all right that that women and men could give up so that women in saudi arabia can you drive it's it's a it's a right that did not come easy in fact that it's a right that we had to uh we had to fight for.

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