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Oh runs to the front of the bus. And he starts distracting this old pervert driver. He's like, I don't know show off with this weird way. Kid the bus driver who the fuck knows. I mean. Yeah. But guess what? Rodrigo that white line exists for reason. Absolutely. Do not distract. You are fucking with the commute. Right. Yep. Never fuck with the commute tap the signs. Don't shoot yourself on the train have the curl up into a bathtub and do it. Same thing. Don't talk the post drivers. And wouldn't you know, it Rodrigue Rodriguez is the little boy the front of the bus that fucking Hamza Livy? But the bus drivers distracted doesn't see it. Yes. I mean, if honestly if this New York this law and order New York Jack McCoy is bringing that up charges. He's like he's paying the bus driver up. All right. Here's Adam I'm sorry. But I'm going to press charges on Rodrigo. He'll go to juvenile in only be there a couple of months, but Adam I'm going to do it little boys. Get knocked distract best drivers. I wanna see an alternate time line where Rodriguez not on the bus and the bus driver sees the woman in the street and fun. Light. Yes. New York bus drivers do not fuck around. No push. You out of the street by force, dude. I I was on the bus one time, and it was super crowded because also our our drivers don't fuck around. But our services terrible. Sure. And everybody's trying to cram on this bus the fucking door couldn't close and the bus driver was like if you don't figure out this door situation, I'm going to like unboard the bus and drive away in while here and everybody was like screaming, and whoever it was the door and close and all of a sudden the lights on the it's like it was winter. And it was nighttime. Of course, it was the fucking lights on the bus turned off. And he's like this buses out of service. Everybody get off any fucking kicked us all off the cold and drove away that New York City bus drivers do not fuck around. We should do this do that on the podcasts. Talk is over everyone. Turn it off. Service. Just read the subtexts clearly Antonio.

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