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Is tight and seeing more congestion getting into downtown on the Stevenson from Ashland onto that inbound and Ryan ramp. I'm Vicky Jacuzzi on WGN Traffic. Central Chicago Heights Man is accused of threatening to commit violence that President elect Joe Biden's inauguration in Washington, Lewis Capriati is charged with transmitting a threat in interstate commerce. WGN's rob Steed reports. Authorities are familiar with Capriati, Capri. Ani was upset with the outcome of the election and records show on December 29th. He left a voicemail for a U. S. House member from New Jersey stating if certain people quote think that Joe Biden is going to put his hands on the Bible and walk into the expletive White House on January, 20th They're sadly expletive, mistaken end quote and records show. He further stated quote. We will surround the expletive White House and we will kill any expletive Democrat that steps on the expletive lawn and important pre on against another court hearing scheduled for this week that you were at least four Carjackings in Chicago last night, In one case in the Edgewater neighborhood of Man and a woman were targeted by three carjackers. Just before nine. They were forced out of their black Dodge Charger in the 1000 block of West Hollywood. The suspects took their wallets and cell phones. The woman was also forced to hand over the keys to her orange charger. The thieves took off with the cars and haven't been caught. No one was hurt. Chicago Public Health Commissioner Dr Allison are what he says. When it comes to coronavirus in Chicago. The numbers are improving. We're currently averaging just over 1000 new cases in Chicago residents per day, well down from the 2400 new cases per day that we were averaging in November but well above the 400 new cases per day, which is where we'd like to be and where we were over the summer or what, he says Deaths and hospitalizations are also down the cities. Positivity radius 10.3%. That's below the state's threshold of 12%, the front runner to replace embattled House Speaker Michael Madigan is facing questions about his past. Police report shows officers were called to the West Suburban hillside home of Welsh in 20 0 to Chris Welch in 20 0 to his girlfriend told police that well slammed her head into a kitchen countertop numerous times after she called him a loser. The woman didn't press charges. Welch also face to 2010 federal lawsuit for sexual harassment and retaliation in which different different woman claims she lost her job at the provides. Oh township High School district. Because she broke up with him while he was president of the school Board of Chicago. Alderman wants the Trump Tower sign removed If President Trump is impeached again, Alderman Gilbert Vegas will introduce an ordinance at the next City Council meeting. He says signed permit should be denied a revoked if the name is someone who's been convicted of a crime. Treason, sedition or subversive activities. Eviction would require a two thirds vote in the Senate after impeachment by the House. The second ordinance would prohibit anyone who took part in the capital violence from doing business with the city of Chicago. Now, with WGN SPORTS Here's Dave innit amid plenty of speculation that they might clean house. The Bears apparently think Palace Hall is clean enough. Flurry of reports surfaced last night that both general manager Ryan Pace and coach Mad Maggie will be given another year. Toe try to restore the franchise to the success they enjoyed in 2018. That means they'll decide the future of quarterback Mitch Torbinski, as well as Who will call the shots defensively. D coordinator Chuck Pagano expected to retire Happy birthday to Blackhawks coach Jeremy Colijn he gets to celebrate turning 36 on the road against the defending Stanley Cup champions. The Blackhawks Open the new season tonight at Tampa Bay. College and will have to do it without some key players out with the illness or injury. Jonathon Tape's Kirby Doc and Alex Knee Lander, and he could no longer count on Corey Crawford in gold. But he also has a two year contract extension as the Hawks Open the season. The pre game with Chris Boden tonight 6 30 face off at seven with John and Troy here on W. GM the Bulls game of the Boston last night. Postpone because Covert 19 protocols. College basketball. Seventh ranked Michigan has done something no other team has ever done, beating three straight ranked opponents by at least 19 points. The latest number nine Wisconsin 77 54. The Wolverines are 11. No Northern Illinois beat Akron 67 65..

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