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We K D should follow you. But you know what that narrative just what you said, I've heard that from the Knicks. So if they were naked in front of K D, And it looks like Brooklyn is a real threat. They're going to be like, hey, d-. This is why you leave Golden State because you don't want that narrative again now you're going to go do it all over again with a flag year point guard, you. Yeah. Like at least Golden State. You knew you were going to win. Well, and also I mean, just a personality. Steph is if nothing else wildly stable and dependable kyri is incredibly talented but I think even kyri fans he's a little more erotic. I mean he's moved away from successful partnerships. I'm with you on this. I let me just throw this at you. Somebody told me this years ago, the, the strongest. Word on air talent people should ever use is. No. Because managers here, you'll hear some money want the job. Yes, I'll take the and you say, no time out, we've got to have a meeting host doesn't take knows powerful waiting is powerful. Patients has powerful. Lebron would have been better off sitting this year out and perusing the landscape in one year from now, if Katie comes back to the warriors who's available next year. What teams next year have space? If you just comes back and says, you know what I watched. Lebron probably should've taken a deep breath. I'll go back to Golden State win in one year does Dallas now with porzingas and Luca have an opening like I'm out who's here, there's that but also even the teams now that have space what those teams should do is if you don't like. Let's say the Knicks strikeout right. Don't go out there and foolishly. Spend your money on guys that don't deserve Tobias header just gonna make you mediocre. Yeah. Good player. Like save your money, because then at least you can make trades when you have cap room, maybe next summer when AD is available like you say, maybe K D, if.

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