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And so as a particularly graphic. Brutal crime there was blood all over the place is never admitted in court, but the luminol tests were taken and so there was blood all over that area. And there was an outcry trying to figure out who did this? There was a suspect that was mentioned by a probation officer by the name of Jerry driver. You said that this young man by the name of Damian eccles real name given name was Michael Hutchison was is born name, but he changed his name to stepfather's last name and took on the name Damian. Answer. So he was investigating is brought into the on according to the court the records that are on the police records US brought into the police office. He was questioned failed a polygraph test. He said if I talked to, my mom will tell you everything. You let me talk to my mom. So when talked his mom that he clammed up? But the investigating investigation continued. They didn't have enough evidence to arrest any of them until they brought in another young man, the new Jesse Miskelly on June third of nineteen ninety-three. Then confessed and implicated miracles Jason Baldwin. And all three were arrested they were tried separately. due to some evidence that was going to be put in a trial. And Twenty four jurors found both guilty. Daming Damien echols was over eighteen. He was given the capital punishment And the other two pretty much got life sentences. And then there was the probably the key lever in creating doubt in the public's mind was the involvement of an HBO documentary. There was really trilogy. The first one was titled Paradise Lost which came out in nineteen, ninety six, and then there were two others that I think it was two, thousand, one, maybe two, thousand four I can't remember the exact dates when those came out but there were three the cast doubt upon the guilt the first one was someone of objective. but the second one kind of one of the stepfathers by the name of buyers and then the third one pretty much implicated another man by the name of Terry. Hobbs created kind of a furor it it snowballed other people involved celebrities got involved money was raised Possibly they're saying that huge amount of money tend to twenty million dollars probably the best appellate attorney out there got involved in put pressure on. The state government through new laws that had been created about DNA testing. and. There was going to be a hearing and twenty eleven. I think in December to judge whether some of the DNA could be used but in August twenty eleven agreement was reached. And the three pled guilty. So they already had all been found guilty. Plead guilty again to first degree murder admitted on signed documents. You know they're adults now but through the best attorneys really available. That there was enough evidence to possibly convict them again, they went to court there ten years of probation they were let out. While professing innocence on something called Alford plea, which is a Supreme Court case a based on a Supreme Court case called Alford the North Carolina. And Which allows you to professor innocence publicly while pleading guilty. So they're basically guilty. They're still guilty and under probation until next year I asked you to keep it vanilla and man you really kept it Vanilla 'cause Lemme. LemMe Kinda pull you into the real stuff like anyone who goes and Google's west Memphis three. I'm not exaggerating the first five, I ten second ten, third ten, satanic panic satanic panic satanic panic. That's the only thing you hear about this case it doesn't have anything to do with the facts. It's all. And that's what's going to be so interesting as we dive into this, why did this become the kind of poster child for Satanic Panic, and why do we think that that that's not accidental it's it's just it..

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