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Had him if he could be that greedy defensive point guard at passed off the bench and hit big shots in the fourth quarter and help carry that second unit, he can be that they can really be number one, you lose your name, everything he does. I mean, I don't know if that the big shots in the fourth quarter, but he do radio bigshots in the four years, some big shots he did, but he's on the floor no time. I wouldn't say he's a big. He's got a big shot mega, but sometimes you can come off the benches and threes get the energy going like spark book for me. It was Gordon Hayward Gordon Hayward as well. Gordon, Hayward. We're going to get from boy, I didn't. I don't really want to put him without an award. I was gonna get it all. So Gordon Hayward is the player from Utah. Playoff night down shots has some length and size of the fan. Like Utah, Utah. He had a base cared offense and low because they really have it. But the Celtics, they got weapon at every position. I think this is more better for him, then Utah, because all detention won't be on him. Defenses can't circle in on just him in even when he was still able to produce. Yeah. So I don't remember many highlights and having Utah because he was running back far. He's on a player. You gotta play Houston leading. Getting. Good series against the clippers. He was a flashy, but he got the job will also hit a go, go series against the clippers Chris Ball, Joe Ingles. That we went back for the Utah Jazz. Jesse help with together. See, I put that together. So new. I just say that because you just won't. That's a bit Gimmie. If he can beat a like that entity, double the bench, keep the three, keep a defense honest when Ingles isn't on the floor, but let me let me another game. Another name at you from that same team Jae Crowder love, Jack, Robin, I know you picked him for an award this year. I think it's man. Yeah. He picked the man my pick for the jazz Ricky Rubio I the same. Ricky called He was called. right. Right? Can he do. Even better just someone nears. So they would love to see him topic because the way he would do that, it's just grows beer longer. Because he can. He can have a better year Donovan Mitchell a season. It's not a rookie anymore. Joe Ingles as confident as he has ever been. GPO PG losses, man. Stats healthy, you still get fade with he's back. Yup. Crowder for a full year. Tablas veloce. Airbags nineties Higa buffer lead the league in a who. Who Ricky Rubio here. I doubt it because Mitchell bring the ball. This is a system, but he ear. It's a lot for him to be the in have an better. You gotta make shots and being confident in his game, which I think we saw because the last season in Minnesota, they would want him. So I think that was evident that they last couple seasons. I don't think you want to play for them. I don't know of a lot of people do like a lot of people don't. I don't. I don't. Maybe he didn't, but I know whenever you're playing for somebody that you feel you feel like you, they don't like you some that could be, do you want to know? So I'm looking at your notes and there's a team with no name next to look at my notes. That team name next to. I know. Chicago, booze. Yeah, you're right. I don't. I really don't. I just don't. Brush my teeth in the person that came was living. And this is because the Chicago Bulls have a nice scene. They will do their youth with. They don't have a guy..

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