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Like, the Hooper is just a little bit of a stretch in terms of making him a horse. So let's let's identify the as again. As we're gonna be out of sex copper town. So the six has to seize breaking lucky four and the nine on on very good the McKnight big bulky field. And this group. Talked a little bit with with the Martin McGuinness just now and the the maker the maker horses. I thought down inside so Cleo and Zulu alpha certainly hunting horns presence in a part of the the weekend festivities on the European import front. What are we doing in here in the McKnight? Actually, use all three of those. You just laid out both makers, obviously you won this race last year with Oscar nominated and was the horse. That's improved quite a bit. Since he's gotten is Kerry, certainly turned him into one of these long, winded routers, and the mile and a half should be the the odds mile and a half cutback this going on here for soli. Oh, I think certainly makes him a a big player. I'm gonna use Zulu ALPHA's well who faced much much tougher in the Fort Lauderdale, and we talked about that race back in December and said that it was a great to in name only. Absolutely had agreed one caliber field. I think he was just in a little tough but getting back to a mile and a half. Like, he didn't a sycamore when he was a great trip and ride that day feels like he's going to be a good spot to out and his major player. I think you have to use hunting horn, you know, looking at hunting gorens to to most recent races in North America in Jayson sanely festival in the secretary before tiring and made a big middle move in the Breeders Cup Turf in a race in that fast paced. So I think that in a slightly slower pastry. Against much much weaker competition, and he really in both of those two more. So the Breeders Cup Turf. I think he becomes a major threat. I'm also a little too scared of Canessa, and I'm going to have to use him as well who rally into a modest pace and the stars and stripes now Dhaka for layoff. Of course, thirty one percent with her routers, a hundred eighty plus they layoffs good for to ally..

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