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Six to forty eight hours take it out of the bag. Chill in an ice bath for a good hour or so you can even put it in the refrigerator overnight but he take it out of the bag and you leave. It is wet as possible. You don't pat it dry like you would have steak trying to get the moisture off you want to leave it on but a little bit more seasoning on put it on the smoker at your desire temp and then you let it slowly. Come back up to the temp that you cooked at. Let's say one thirty five or one thirty six and then you take it off. Cut it open and then you gotta medium rare brisket something. He couldn't make like i said before with just a smoker or unsuited itself now you got the moisture on. The meat actually attracts smoke. And since the meat is cold it's going to attract the smoke to it and then you're going to have something like i said you have that smoky taste but you can also look at it and go. Hey this is not well done. So it's something totally different than a traditional you know Brisket that you get at a barbecue restaurant or going to competition. That's for sure you have to adjust your mind then on howard is going to taste or will taste the same. It's going to take differ. That'd be just like a well done steak will taste different than a medium rare steak. Because you're going to have different. You know a amounts of globe and left in there and the color. Your eyes are going to play a part of it as well. So it's not gonna be as you know smokey because hasn't sat in a smoker for twelve to fourteen hours and develop that really thick layers on it. That has but you're still going to be able to get a. It's totally different. That you can't get either way. And i like to eat my food different ways. I don't just you know barbecue chicken. I like fried chicken. Like you know chinese you though Chicken wings. I like all different kinds of stuff so to me. It's just another thing that i can make in create. That really wasn't available before you came on the on the plainfield so and to mix these things. And like i said i do to stop but in a sudden can do is keep your meat because you're cooking at the right to a precise temperature your cooking underwater water bath so that it's Transferring the heat into the protein a lot easier than it would be an air of smoker or oven. So there's a lot of things that suv does in the can do really well that when you mix it with other cooking methods it turns out really good get back to talking about maybe a rabbi Going to compare versus your suv aged jake and then the grilled but if you take let's say a top sirloin. That's maybe a little bit less tender a little bit more tough if you give that a little bit. More time in the suv bath. Let's say six to eight ten hours at one thirty five and then hit that on the grill and seared up compared to just cooking on the grill or reverse searing. You're to get that tenders ation that you wouldn't have got in a just a reverse searing so i with the cooking. Method is the best thing so but soon he does some things that some other cooking methods. Don't do that when you mix them with others. That turns out pretty good stuff. Have you done. Su vida on saint louis style ribs. And if so how do you find those to be like. How do you do that. Traditional a barbecue rib out. Cook those for thirty six hours. Had like one hundred and forty five to one hundred and fifty degrees fahrenheit. And what what you're doing is you're slowly you just low and slow just like you would be a smoker but even lower and slower but your he thinks the heat is going into the meat a lot more efficient so in its keeping it at that one temperature you know hundred and forty degrees when you cook something in a smoker. It may say it's two hundred and fifty degrees on that thermometer but it's always fluctuating in there. It's probably going from two hundred twenty two to seventy five at any given minute. That thermometers not catching all of that. But when you're in a water bath you're exactly at the temperature your cooking at for as long as you're in so it lets you cook it. A lot. lower temperature keeps more moisture in the meat. Because your muscle fibers in the protein fibers aren't contracting as much squeezing out as much moisture and So it does some things like that. The longer you're in there in the more at tend to rises so you're using that longtime to tend to rise the me then you go ahead take it off and put it on the smoker and you only have to have it on the smoker just enough to get some and smoking. Cut them up and they're done. So i mean the biggest thing that you got to work. I mean aside from some of the visual stuff on on the beef itself but some of the other stuff is just making. Sure your allotting yourself. Two and three days to do the initial cooking. So if you wanna. Have you know ribs on a saturday. You're going to have start soaking amount of thursday. Potentially that also lets you pre prep your stuff as well. So if you say you're going to have a party on saturday you can actually get all the stuff cooked on thursday and friday positively refrigerator. Wake up saturday morning and just tauscher ribs on and just warm up on the smoker. And then you're ready to go. You're not having to spend your seven or eight hours. You know going back and forth in checking on your ribs every five minutes so you can pre prep a lot of stuff and i do that a lot as well. I'll cook you know. I'll i'll cook thirty pounds of pork but in the seed and i'll let it sit there for two or three days in the seed. I don't have to mess with it. Take out put in refrigerator. The deck stale smoke it and then i'll package it up and put it in the in the freezer and just pull it out whenever i want it. You know for meals. So there's a lot of things you can do like that for meal crap and everything so severe. There's a lot more versatile than just like i said it's not trying to replace a cooking method. It's actually just a a an incomplete cooking method. That can do some things that if you mix it with others mix really great food so and you have a book that talks all about this sous vide cooking so go ahead and give us a look at that and then where can we get it if we want to check it out you can get it on amazon and you said it was an e but but it's actually you can get it on the kindle paperback or hardcover on amazon and actually having a a lowered the price on it this week Just for a year special. So you can get the kindle version for like four ninety nine or got kindle unlimited. You can download it and read it for free. And if you want to buy it you can then The paper bag is twelve ninety nine and if you go to my website fire and water cooking dot com you can actually go there and order out on sign one for incentive for twenty two ninety nine for the hard copy but actually go into breakdown go into barbecue kind of go overhead view of barbecue. Go into some details. Because i usually. I'll talk to people that don't have much knowledge of barbecue. A lot of people don't have much knowledge of severe. So i kind of do overhead view of both barbecue outdoor and then cv cooking. And then show how you can mix them together and then there's about forty recipes in there that Kind of breakdown. The techniques that i who have developed over the year so all right well if you are getting into this for twenty twenty one and you want the definitive source book for crying out loud will sign it for you or over a fire and water cooking dot com if you get the hardback so check it out during appreciate you coming on and breaking down so vidh and we will have you on again and maybe we can break down some specific meats and times and techniques.

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