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RBI. My name is Richard mckeon your home brim guru joined by Everett from Brima cower. You, sir. Your morning. How are you? You know, it's been a it's been a weird week. It has indeed been a lot of weird stuff going on last night. There was a shooting in Florida at a yoga studio, and I wanna take one second tell a quick story. And then pass it on to you. Because I know you've got some things going on that similar to this. As people have listened to the show for the last sixteen years. Now, I have a very strong connection with the Jewish population of Richmond. To to the point that if I met somebody at the synagogue, they said, I listened to your show. I was able to say bad you. Because they're not supposed to listen to the radio on Saturday. Okay. That's that's the way it is. But I mean, there's different sects people. Trust me people. You think there's a lot of different forms of Christianity dry. Judaism. It's baffling, but I can say this story, and it's true. Very first time I ever stepped foot in a synagogue was about ten years ago, probably eight or something like that. And so and put their arm around me, and they said to me what is that? And my reply was that is a Glock seventeen see compensated nine millimeter semiautomatic pistol with eighteen round clip. And their response was why are you taking a gun into a synagogue? And my response was why is there a cop out front? Because of the time because the threats there was police officers that were hired to be out front and for years and years and years, and I'd ever converted to Judaism, nobody had a problem with that. Everybody was a live and let live you are who you are. We love you for who you are. They love me for who. I it was that kind of situation. I mean to the point last last January when I went to the Jewish food fest when I brought my then fiance. I mean, the bookies are coming up is good. Just look at you. I'm not I'm not making a joke here true. But for all those years, I would I would carry my firearm. To a synagogue for. Because nobody else was personal protection. And you know, and I'm not look, I'm not going into the argument, if one person had a gun that could no I'm not gonna make that argument. That's bull. I'm still gonna stick by my theory that to get a concealed weapons license. I believe it should be harder than it is. I believe you should have a certain amount a required certain amount of hours training, just like getting your driver's license. And I have plenty of people that are very pro firearm that agree with me. I cannot say I could draw this and and take somebody. I can't guarantee that I don't know that I've got enough time on the range that I can say I'm a good shot. But I will say this all these years. Nobody had a problem with me doing that. And. I would like people to. Look into learning more. I'm not saying Kerry, I'm not saying get your license. I'm say learn more to have less fear about you were telling me about somebody who's going on at your church. Would you mind, do you mind talking about that? But we had an individual several years ago that create an issue up to including the point where he threatened several members of the congregation as well as a pastor. So that's that's disturbing in and of itself right there. And so. It was decided that that individual no transparent. No trespassing warrant was issued against him. And anytime for a while there was a function going on at the church. There was a deputy outside and we actually lost at least one family that we know of specifically because of that because they just felt like it was. There was just too much going on an unsafe. And this is this listen environment about camaraderie love family God. And I know I put them all in the wrong order. But this is if there's any place you're supposed to feel safe. Yeah. Exactly. And it's like the the church in South Carolina. Yeah. The one in Texas. You know, those people thought they were safe and some crazy person comes out and start shooting. And it's it's a shame that we live in those kinds of fears. We have to live with those kinds of fears these days, but. It's it's just unfortunate. Now, you said your track churches being proactive about it. Well, we're looking into what do we need to do to improve the safety? We've been to I was part of a training seminar. Where guy was talking about different aspects of safety. You know, what do you do? How do you have things had you stationed people? What do you look for? Do and he mentioned about armed security. And I don't think we're maybe at that point yet. Maybe I don't know. But we'll see you. Well, I mean, what those things are called people should really, you know, it's you don't have to take a seminar. Well, I mean, I'd like you to everybody should. But if you do nothing more than go on YouTube and watch some there's classes there there's there's videos about what to do in an active shooter situation, and you know, the one I I pay special attention to is the run hide fight. Which is exactly what they say. If you can I end saying if you can do it run get as far away from the situation as humanly possible to is hide find a place, and but that last one I think that's gonna be the one that's gonna be so hard for people is there may come a time where if you're back against the wall. You do something anything's better to die in your feet, and then live on your knees. As the way, I've always been. So I'm going to encourage people one. Even if you've my my my wife has had never held a firearm in her life. Okay. She's the same age as me never I shot. My first gun when I was five. And one of the first things we did when we got together we moved into gather. Yes, we were living in sin mother. But you know, the first thing I showed her is where the firearm was and soon after that we took her out shooting. And here's the thing. I didn't teach her how to shoot I told my brother. My brother was a cop in the military six years. He's throwing thousands of rounds through a handgun he taught her and she actually wants to get no take some more training to know. It's not that she wants to use it not that you wanna to carry it. But she doesn't want to be safe around it. And I think that's my that's my that's my you can put the soapbox away now Jordan, but it back in the corner. All right. Got that. This is the home show. The economy is.

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