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To pampa is in the WTO traffic center. All righty, thanks Luke and always thanks to our listeners keeping us updated on situations and thanks to Brian. He's on 66 and traveling eastbound as we speak, 66 at speed between front royal and rosalyn, but we do have one work zone left. He says eastbound cover on that were crew has officially cleared. There are no delays. Again, I'll stress. But if your eastbound between 28 Centreville and the fairfax county Parkway Brian says you're still staying to the right, but they are actively picking up the cones. Now skirting the work and taking the express lanes be advised, it's only a single lane as well getting through in the express lanes. But again, there are no delays and 66 runs just about speed beyond the work and all the way inside of the beltway through Arlington. 95 in Virginia, three 95, 95 from the 14th street bridge through the Springfield interchange and all the way on 95 through Fredericksburg without incident, your easy pass express lanes are pointing in the southbound direction. We do have a crash reported out of spotsylvania. It was going to be 95 heading north before the thornburg exit mile marker one 16 and the left side of the roadway said to be blocked can't see it going by what V dot tells us. Nothing on the beltway. Everything cleared the inner loop in maclean near the George Washington Parkway crash is gone, riding well all the way in both Virginia and in Maryland. And it actually takes 20% off select king and queen power bases plus up to 60 months no interest financing available. Super Saturday, ten to 9 visit home stores online for the Ashley store nearest you marry to pompa W two traffic. To storm team four meteorologist clay Anderson. As we continue for the last weekend in January, we will be seeing partly cloudy conditions for our Saturday.

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