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The Dow. So all I'm not into this at all is hot. You know what they hate. That hawking sound Laghi up whatever. The what's that word when someone goes on Hawking Rocking L. Y.. Hate that and this guy's like do me a favor. I guess real deep phlegm chest and spit in my open mouth. That's what I don't understand about this video. What do you mean because this guy clearly is into this? Yeah but why is he puking if they're threat they're spinning into his mouth Mount Ida because it's probably nasty to eat someone's but he wants it right. It's still it's like. It's a two way thing he he it's the he thinks he heinous pleasure. Pleasure some version of that happened. It's deeply wired in his head and he's he wants the million humiliation be degrade he knows US discussing but it also also turns the just scams that are really pissing fuck off. Let's start with this one. That's my name idear Maqsoud Okay. They put my name up there to show me how much gold they have and how they're going to get it to me for cheaper than I buy it. Of course I'm not retarded so right. Is this my here That was something that you sent me a while ago. Yeah you sent this to me like there's some good our words in here and That's kind of already. The highlight was pretty amazing. It leads strong. Explains how you get duped with What's the nature of the scam? They're hitting anybody and everybody and they're saying they got gold for for Gold Mine and this and that and these guys are doing all these things and use our images and using other people's of just taking your one hundred thirty dollars putting it in their pocket. Tony go fuck yourself. Respect respect it. I'm retarded. Okay that's pretty cool bullshit retarded afforded. I'd just love about a love about America is that not. Everybody gets the S. J. W. Memos on this guy. It's great like it. It takes time for change my favorite thing that I'm actually happen today about like just like so indicative of the culture of the world we live in right now. This this is so not retarded. Some people say retarded. Some people say retarded. How do you say retarded retarded tomato tomato Yup wages? It's retarded I say I don't say stop it. This is a retarded or that's retarded retarded how this is a news article to. They're not going to answer me. It's very important. This is a news article today. Is it retarded retarded. I'm trying to do ask a question. This is a news article today and a pack. When has seven lines in the Irishman? Robert Deniro is okay with that like they're implying it's it's just like how bad journalism has gotten that this is trying to stir people up by saying this is La Times entertainment article. It's like Robert Robert Deniro there in the movie. The Irishman Scorsese's new film released in theaters for the while. It's on Netflix. Now huge movie three and a half hour like just epic movie. She plays his daughter. She's like you know ninth on the call sheet like it's a it's a more minor role you know like Deniro's the guy a Pacino's Jimmy Hoffa Pepsi's The other mafioso like there's all these people you know the way a movie. A story is told her main characters and their supporting. She's a supporting Robert. Deniro is okay with Anna paquin having only seven lines. Yeah what is it implying like implying that like her. It's a plane that he's okay a a that. She wasn't used more but it's like he didn't write the script he's just he's an actor in India and let's say he does not like her on a personal level so what by the way they also quote I don't Anna Packwood's response to her seven lines She goes no nobody was doing any ordering. I auditioned edition for the privilege of joining this incredible cast. I'm glad to be like. Why is this even written? Why you're just trying to like make people go fire? Anna should have had more lines Yeah but that's they did the same thing for Margot Robbie in once upon a time in Hollywood they were like you realize Oh has it Margot Robbie only speaks. You know eight times and they're like but I think that's the role in that to imply that Quentin Tarantino. Oh isn't that his movie that Oh that women don't speak enough in his movies. That's that's not true. But if you look at like pulp fiction there's women giving giving huge monologues. I couldn't even watch pulp fiction the other day because Luma Thurman wouldn't shut the fuck up in one of the scenes too. Wordy I gotta get Outta. I know they're trying to stir arapoff contract out. Saturday is now though it's like not only is this. You know social justice. Shit go over the top. They're they're making things things up like these actors. Everyone wants more lines in a movie. Everybody Sam like you know you're trying to get a bunch of lines and then they're like you're doing doing it to women like how come you gave Brad Ray and dicaprio all these lines. I don't know 'cause the two fucking Maine's is is the big fucking up. I don't know what did you say that it's red targeted or rags on this is it. I'm being say rat I'd say re- I say what do you say re. Yeah Chris Chris. Everybody said you've never said the word retarded before the last ten years. Let's hear it now. Just say go ahead. You're not GONNA so. How would you start if we rear just to be like wow You're the first one because what about what about potter say row targeted really not cooled. Look not cool is a sex worker occur all right jeans and ladies view probably heard us Talking about hymns and how they are helping guys look their best. If you haven't yet it's time to see what they're all about sixty six percent of men start to lose their hair by age thirty five you can throw me. In that percentage category once you've noticed ing hair can be too late. I wish I had acted more quickly but I didn't so so now I have a pretty bald head at least in the front and you know what the only way to prevent more hair loss to do is to do something about it. When you still have have some get a handle on your precious lacks why do you guys turn to weird solutions or even worse? In my opinion do nothing when they.

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