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Was today's podcast guest. CARECA Williams Simon former Washington. Political, lifelong, civil and human rights, activist, and author of you deserve the Truth Hi there I'm Celeste. Headley, welcome to women amplified from the conferences for women. This podcast brings you conversations with some of the most brilliant minds offering you invaluable advice and some inspiration to help you navigate life both in your career and at home. covid nineteen has left so many with lost jobs. Others have time to reflect and reevaluate life and priorities, so today's episode will help you navigate the transition in times of uncertainty Erica. William, Simon will draw on her personal experiences to share some practical strategies to help you. Shut out the noise. Overcome your fear and identify next steps, so let's get started. So this month we're talking about career choices and transitions, and this is your field of expertise I wonder if the strategy changes depending on whether you're making a career choice because you choose to, or whether like so many right now during this time of crisis in the nation in the world, whether the strategy is different when you're making the career choice or their career change because you have to yeah, that's a great question. I think we're in a moment when folks are thinking about whether because of economic necessity, professional facetti or just some sort of kind of overwhelming feeling that things need to change in their lives, folks are feeling that unexpected pressure to make change. Change happen really quickly and I. do think that there's a slight different the obvious differences that sometimes you're pushed into these moments of transition that you weren't seeking, but the decision making process about what that change looks like is actually the same, because regardless of how you arrive at that moment of transition or back moment of fitting. Once you're there. You then have the power to determine the direction. You have the power to determine aligned with both your nieve. Your material needs, but also your value, the passion to desires your vision for your life..

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