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I'm doing one are you from chicago have you had the lord's i have and did it lead to a kind of a night you'll never forget about your children what is your daughter's name kira is are there to daughters three daughters just one just one kira and you're saying no no no but you're saying that as if you have any idea you're saying like no no no until now here up here how old are you i'm twenty four twenty four you do know that your mom had sex to make you just the once that she was a sexual being like we all are and still is i'm not obviously i pol johns and that one night she had alert and things took a turn and hi nancy and here we are have you been here all your life yes cool where should i have gone pizza from today that's the best that's why won't tell you where i got it from where would you have gotten it from p quads quads nancy did you follow this facebook here he's facebook hearings a little bit i work so that's what do you do nancy i'm a social worker there are social worker what kind of work do you do i work with people with severe mental illness.

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