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Well i don't know how applicable to says but there was a phenomenon very similar to this in malaysia um that started i don't know if anybody really knows when it started but it was noticed by western voyageurs i think captain cook in a seventeen hundreds it was basically the same as the rampage killing that we have now but it was done with machetes it was called running amok that's where we got the term running amok and it was this sort of the same idea somebody enters the kind of frenzy state or has this rage and they acted out in this way and it did burn itself out eventually a kind of stopped happening by the early 1900s i don't know offhand exactly what the factors in that were but you can you can see something sort of similar in serial killing which doesn't happen nearly as often out in the united states as it as it used to um i think that there needs to be more attention and study to what causes these things to burn themselves out i don't know that there is a simple answer without though you wrote a one interesting example from vienna in the 1980s about how there was an epidemic of suicides in the vienna subway and there was a a particular set of standards that media started following their that seems to have been successful in in snuffing out that epidemic right yes so that's a good example so um yasser there was this rash of s of suicides in vienna in the 1980s people jumping onto the subway trucks and killing themselves and it was similar to this in a way it kind of came out of nowhere it seems like somebody just got the idea to do this at some point and then the media started covering it in this series sensationalized and even a very romanticise sort of way where for people who were depressed it seemed like a way to kind of give their lives meaning in this tragic final act which i think is is basically what mass shootings are and eventually psychological researchers realized this and they asked the.

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