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And everyday living the Bible not about you. You're not David trouble in. Life is not goliath Jesus is going to be David evening. The Shadow Goliath is going to be sending death. That make you make you the Israelites GonNa kill all of us. That's exactly who you are. What is your only comfortable life and in death but I was body and soul life and death and not my own belonged faithful savior? Jesus Christ Gospel is God. The son freely agreed to die or death for us to suffer are deserve condemnation. Do in our place and he didn't disagree from eternity to do it it. It is fatal fatal for us to think that we can ever be one from the Gospel. A great problem and even Jellicoe Church today with scripture is concerned as Aaronson a Bible. The great problem even elegant shirts today is the sufficiency Ascriptin. You don't think it's sufficient the do what we have to do so we have to wake up for what's happening recognized. The problem really is our lack of theology. Autumn and and welcome to Theology.

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