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Now once again the founder of Mannheim steamroller here's chip Davis I'd be willing to bet that at the top of your Christmas tree there is either an angel or a star Christmas is an enduring symbol this holiday it just so happens that I love astronomy and like most amateurs and even professional astronomers there's one special question that crosses my mind every Christmas exactly what was that stark of Bethlehem and who were those wise men well the good news is that we have to manage I figured out in biblical times most of the people living in the near or Mideast believe that the stars influenced human behavior and they also believe that certain unusual Stollery finance announced the birth of people who would rise to greatness and so kings and rulers always needing good advice pointed learn it man wise men too well because then as now knowledge is power these so called wise men with the equivalent of today's professors and scientists he's been steady to world in nature they studied history and ancient manuscripts and some study the stars and there's more the loose Cass he says that these wise men lived in the okay east of where well it would have to be somewhere east of Israel and the most probable country east of Israel two thousand years ago would have been to Babylon and where ancient Babylon was then today is known as around the same Iraq where thousands of US servicemen and women are stationed well that seems to answer the question of who they were and why they were looking at the sky but what were they looking for what was the star of through the centuries all kinds of theories have popped up perhaps it was a gigantic stellar explosion of a very distant and dying star that's called a supernova perhaps it was a bright common the truth is we can never absolutely know for certain because the most important and basic piece to the puzzle is simply missing we don't know the exact year of the birth of the Christ child scholars believe that in using our current calendar it was probably in the year seven BC still no one knows for sure but we can come up with some very real and tantalizing possibilities we start by ruling out certain fearing comments are the first to go to each of civilizations comments were believed to foretell some coming disaster and if the star was a bad omen why would they go looking for next we can rule out a supernova HM Mysteron kept very accurate records when unusually fence occurred in the sky and a bright supernova would have been seen from all over the world and record show that the Chinese didn't see one at that time and neither did the Arabians nor the Romans north the creeks our choices are getting limited we have to wonder the star of Bethlehem have been a natural celestial event and this is an exciting possibility because the motion of the stars in the planets are so predictable that it's easy for astronomers to trace them back or forward in time nowadays we can use even an inexpensive computer astronomy program that runs on home computers and plots the nice guy for any date in the past or future and what we see echoes the theory that was proposed by a famous German astronomer Johannes Kepler long before computers in the year fifteen ninety nine Kapler speculated that the Christmas star wasn't really a star at all he believed that the so called star of Bethlehem was actually what's called a conjunction of three Confucian happens to be one two or more objects in the sky they can be stars or planets appear to us here on earth to be very close to one another and by hand calculating the movement of the planets backwards in time Kepler found that there had indeed been a conjunction of three of these brightest planets right around the time of the birth of Christ it wasn't just one can change it happened three separate times all within one year Mars Jupiter and Saturn through very close to each other on the nights of may twenty second October fifth in December first all right triple conjunctions are very rare you can bet that something like this would catch the attention of anyone who studied the night sky especially the manager so does this on the question of the star not quite there are many who believe that the star was a supernatural event of great religious significance for them no other explanation is necessary and perhaps after all is said and done not knowing the exact answer is part of the miracle of Christmas itself Andy and not knowing we are given the freedom to believe as we age and in this we are brought together United under the central message of Christmas itself peace on earth good will to us it's Mannheim steamroller's an American Chris and chip Davis to see we this and the we she this is Mannheim steamroller's an.

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