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Nick Bosa carted off the field with a knee injury, say Quan Barclay was carted off the field that Nick and knee injury rather neither will return today. Say Quan Barclay will undergo further test tomorrow. Paris Campbell Carted off the field with a knee injury for Indianapolis drew lacquer. Drew Locke rather went to the locker room with a shoulder injury, and he has been ruled out for the remainder of today's game for Denver. Jeff Driscoll has taken over under center. Let's get you caught up on some of the score. Shall we? In Chicago? The Bears lead the Giants again there without a qualm Barclay 17 to nothing. The Bears lead the Giants Mitchell Travis. Key looks good today, Jordan 159 yards and two touchdowns for Mitchell Torbinski. Um, the Falcons lead the Cowboys in a big way in Dallas. It is 26 to 7. Falcons have the ball. There's about six minutes left in the second quarter. Mattie Ryan again with a good day, 107 yards and three touchdowns. Thie Cowboys have fumbled the ball. I don't know how many fingers if you have a one hand 45 times a day. Not good for the Cowboys, but they have put up seven That was a CDO Elliot, who scored that touchdown, the Lions and the Packers a battle of the NFC North. It is 14 to 10 right now. The Lions lead the Packers Aaron Rodgers having a good day, though 108 yards and a touchdown, but the Lions do lead the Packers by four. The Jags and the Titans. The Titans lead the JAG wires. 21 to 7. Ryan Tannehill three touchdown so far on the day, Derrick Henry. No touchdown yet. 43 yards. He looks really good. Johnny Smith with two touchdowns so far for the Titans. Vikings and Colts are in Indianapolis and DeForest Buckner sacked Kirk Cousins for a safety. Indianapolis leads 12 to 3 right now kind of a weird score. But it's 2 to 3 right now in Indianapolis, Kirk Cousins just can't seem to get anything going. Just taken down for safety again. Indianapolis leads 12 to 3 Philip Rivers, meanwhile, an interception but 107 yards so far on the day, dolphins and Bills are in Miami. The Bills lead 17 to 7 Josh Allen, looking good again. 237 yards and two touchdowns. Stefan Diggs has a touchdown as well to go along with 76 yards, receiving 40 Niners and Jets 40 Niners plagued by injuries I told you about those edge rushers that air out 22 3 right now, though, the 21 23 rather the 40 Niners lead the Jets. Right now. Jimmy Garoppolo two touchdowns 131 yards for he most certain 92 yards and a touchdown so far for the Niners, Rams and Eagles are in Philadelphia. The Rams are up 21 29. Jared Goff has two touchdowns. 158 yards. Malcolm Brown is 32 yards. The Rams are up 21 to 9 right now on the Eagles, Broncos and Steelers Steelers lead 14 to 3 That's in Pittsburgh. Right now, I have told you earlier, Drew LA quarterback for the Broncos is ruled out for the remainder of today's game. Jeff Driscoll is filling in for him. The Broncos do have the bothers about five minutes left in the second quarter. Ben Roethlisberger has 173 yards and a touchdown. Melvin Gordon started get going for Denver with just under 50 Yard. He's got 49 so far in the day. Lastly, panthers and Buccaneers. The Panthers have yet to score the Bucks. 21 to nothing right now. Tom Brady is a touchdown and 185 yards. Christian McCaffrey for the Panthers just can't get anything going 27 yards for him so far on the ground. Again. The Panthers have the ball. There's a little under two minutes left in the second quarter in Tampa Bay, but Buck's all day 21 to nothing. Also, I'm gonna update you on what is going on in Dallas. Right now. It's a two yard touchdown reception for Calvin Ridley Atlanta now leads 26 to 7. That's pending. The extra point and I'm sorry. They missed a two point conversion Jordan So it is 26 to 7 right now. In Dallas. The Falcons lead after Calvin really touched down 26. For seven. Would you like to switch gears and go to the MBA really quick? I mean, yeah, Let's talk about what's going on there. I mean, they're inching closer to the MBA finals. I know football leads the way in this country, but LeBron James Arguably the greatest of all time. Arguably, I would not say so. But he's definitely up there is trying to no championship and doing it with a D. Yeah, and he's a little salty. After what went down this week, meaning Yana San's to Colombo was named the M V P second year in a row second year in a row, Here's LeBron James says about it. Me off. That's my true answer. Because out of 101 votes I got 16 1st.

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