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On Bloomberg radio Good Thursday morning from the Bloomberg interactive broker studio in New York City and from the heart of Texas to our worldwide audience central bankers around the world are following the fed's lead in raising global interest rates housing data this morning was disappointing illustrates the impact of higher rates equity futures they point to a sharply lower open this morning The vix was hired just over 31 yields They move higher as well to ten year treasury Now yielding 3.42% on the commodities front WTI crude oil slightly lower just under $115 per barrel gold is higher just above 1830 and ounce of Bitcoin It is lower yet again at just above $21,000 per token To get some more color this morning on those markets here at Bloomberg markets correspondent pretty good They're pretty what are you looking at Paul you said deep in the heart of Texas as I was expecting you to break out into song Maybe next time Maybe next hour Well I'm going to hold you to that You've had an hour to prepare learn all the lyrics Let's talk about what's moving in this market though because I want to start off with the tech story the apple story we have to use it as this Beacon for tech broadly And this is really important when it comes to you know John Tucker reminded me of this morning every time Apple has hit its $3 trillion mark or $8 trillion milestone 1 trillion 2 1 trillion 3 trillion It has signaled some sort of correction in the S&P 500 That's because apple's kind of used as this proxy Not just protect broadly but in some ways as a proxy for the S&P 500 So you do see those shares AAPL down 2.2% and really you can see that kind of pain reflected across the market as well Let's go to some of these other tech names so Tesla for example TSAs your ticker down a whopping 4% this morning Now electric reporting that they are looking to perhaps increase prices for a third time year to date by as much as $6000 across their lineup dealing with a lot of those macroeconomic issues Paul That's amazing I mean that's even Matt Miller who's not a big electric car fan at the moment That would even hit him I think as well Yeah absolutely And I wonder how many other car dealerships are going to have to start hiking up prices just to keep up and already we know EVs aren't exactly the most affordable cars on the market out there There's nevertheless investors not taking that well It's also look at Twitter because we mentioned Tesla we gotta mention Twitter This time actually one of the few stocks I think one of the four or 5 stocks in the pre market moving higher up to the tune of about 2% twt is your ticker This comes after Elon Musk or it's been reported I should say that Elon Musk is planning a meeting with Twitter employees that starts at 12 p.m. New York time today So of course we're going to keep our eye on that The assumption here is that the fact that he's taking the time to meet with the Twitter employees reassures investors that perhaps he is actually going to go through with this deal poll let me leave you with this last one Kroger shares KR is your ticker Down 3.3% Tom is a new This is important when it comes to their earnings story They did report earnings They were expected to beat their earnings wish they did they also raised their forecast Exactly But those shares are down once again it's a margin story and it's overshadowing that sales beat But they're forecasting up They're forecasting up but they're still saying that even with that higher forecast they're still not going to make as much money as you would have Interesting Yeah Fascinating Pretty good to thank you For that some of the nuances may be of earnings to.

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