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I'm going to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission for violating the federal fair debt collection Practices Act, and then I'm going to hire an attorney, and I'm going to sue you personally. And they're gonna come to your home and bother you. Address the what even Andhra hard to do if they have your name. But, but basically what you have to do is you have to Pierce through the stupidity and try to get them to actually make a change in the database that they're working from. Because here's the problem. The person you're talking to will not be working there in eleven days. Turnover ratio in a boiler room collection agency, full of morons is unbelievable. So the chances of you ever talking to the same human twice is almost zero in a situation hasn't and so they just the turnover rate is unbelievable all they do is hire and train replacements for the next set of morons to come in and call you because they couldn't get a job doing anything else. So we know they're morons. An unbelievable. So really, you just have to get all up in their business, and then blast the frequent headset off their thing if they call you again, and just you know, and do follow complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, you could FTC dot gov. There's a place to do that. And. Just light them up because it is an industry that's out of control. And the only way regular people can handle that is to fight back because there's no communicating was stupid at this level. But you try one more time put him on notice. And do just exactly what I said. And if you're any nicer than what I just said, they're not going to hear you. They do not understand anything except a two before across their face. And so you have to hit them that hard to try to get two of their brain cells to actually connect in the conversation and just just be unreasonable because this is an unreasonable situation. You've tried nice. You've tried normal. You've tried regular and some of you sweet people out there going Dave Ramsey's over the no you're dealt with idiots at this level. They Ramsey's not over the top believe me. It's unbelievable. What these people do Roxanne is with us in Medford, Oregon. Hi roxanne. How are you? Hi, dave. I'm good. How are you better than I deserve? What's up? Well, I purchased my house about four years ago before I discovered you. And so my mortgage is more than a quarter of my take home pay. And so I've gotten really determined to try to pay it off as fast as I can. Archduke's? It's most of my income. I do have I owe about two hundred thousand on my house, and I have about two hundred thousand dollars in non retirement investments. And I'm wondering if it is smart to cash those out to pay it off or the capital gains wouldn't the taxes on it wouldn't be worth it. I would pay it off if you're if you're gonna keep it. Let's just pay it off. So how much are the capital gains are going to be on your two hundred thousand dollars worth of investments? I don't know yet some of them it's been invested since I was a baby and my grandparents set it up for me. So I don't know how much of it is still original from when he was invested. Or if a lot of it is new. Well, the gain will be the long term gain would be taxed at fifteen percent. So I mean, it's fifteen thousand per hundred thousand. There's a way of looking at it. And so, and I'm guessing it's your gain is probably excessive one hundred thousand with what you're describing. It's possible probably gonna cost you fifteen grand. But I mean how much is in the total non retirement investment. Just over two hundred thousand and your your balances two hundred. Yes. Okay. That's my early payout is. Yeah. You're you're pay off balance. Yeah. So the question is do you have enough to pay your taxes and pay off the mortgage, and that's a calculation you may want to sit down with a tax person and come up with. But what's your household income? About fifty thousand okay. So. Do you have an emergency fund? I do I have my fully-funded emergency funds. How much is in that? About a little over twelve thousand five hundred. Okay, good don't touch that. Right. So run the calculations can you pay the taxes and the mortgage with the non retirement investment, if you can I would do that. Or I would sell your house one of the two. Okay. If you're not willing to use your investments to pay it off, you shouldn't be willing to keep a house. Because you're saying is you like the investments more than the house, which is an okay thing if you do like him like the investments more now. But if you like the house investments. All you need to decide which one you're going to keep you can't keep both of.

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