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Thousand dollar free bet whether it's a twenty percent free royal fan duel has a myriad of ways to get your bankroll into the business of making money. This fall go there. Use the promo code at the board and take full advantage pain. I wanted to what you thought of what you saw unfold last saturday in college football. And if you want we can let you sidestep the debacle at the doak. There doesn't need to sidestep but that was a terrible loss and falls on the coaching staff. Adam fuller has not been good for a season plus now and my feeling is if him and norval weren't close and there is a little more resources that's a fireable events and mike norville went into that presser after and claimed that they were in a defense that they were not it and kind of covering fuller so that was interesting. They're not to game. That's on mark norville as well. I mean my understanding was early in the week. Practice was absolute dog crap. You had the the florida guys who you know. Four stars thinking that you know competed with notre dame and that this was going to be an easy one and i think that mindset was really on the coaches as well i mean what is mike norville doing. I understand that mackenzie milton might give you the higher floor. I'm sorry the higher ceiling and he lets recruits. See that this is the offense that you wanna run. That isn't just A ground and pound game with your quarterback running but those are games. You have to get out there and win. You can't lose that game. You can't you gotta put jordan travis in there make a low variance game. Run the football when by seventeen and get out of dodge so that was not very good from florida state and its coaching staff. Yeah this oregon. Oh god ohio state. Yeah exactly. I mean i you know i. I think that was a really game effort. I mean we saw tim to ruder. Give shroud some issues early in that game crystal ball on the offensive line enforced there. Will the question marks. We had about ohio states. Defense was more in the secondary but they got bullied upfront in the trenches. And so you know give give credit to some of the guys that were projecting ohio states defense outside the top twenty five. At the beginning of the season. They were bang on accurate. Stroud still making some mistakes for guys starting his second game but i thought they were stretches there were he looked fantastic. Three receivers went over one hundred yards receiving. But he's still throwing the ball a little bit high. Still making some young quarterback mistakes but give all the credit in the world oregon. There you go on the road. And i think we discussed this ri- you lost two days of prep and rest another day traveling. You're all world defensive. Lineman is out. You're down to linebackers. You did it. Short handed and so organ deserves all the credit in the world for them. Honestly and i'll eat a little bit of. I've been critical of mario cristobal and his ability to get his team focused and ready to go each and every week during the season. I can't take shots anything. He's done recruiting wise to build up that talent level oregon and employer brand of football. That you talked about you. Just don't see on the west coast going out there and trying to be hard nosed play with that physical swagger of sorts that we saw from david show and stanford who's at the peak. Didn't think that kind of effort was in the cards. So i have to give oregon a ton of credit thought ohio. State's offense kind of right. The ship is you kind of mentioned there defensively. We knew the secondary was a problem. Did not think that oregon was going to be able to run the football for seven yards pop. So some interesting games there. They'll shake up. The landscape obviously did want to touch on notre dame but we'll break them down for their upcoming matchup against purdue and you know honestly may make the most sense for us to get right into things is we have a lot of land to cover and we can do is so right in your backyard payne with a twelve o'clock eastern kickoff where the suddenly spry spartans come in to hardrock stadium. It's miami a six and a half point home favourite in the heat of the south florida day. Total in this game sits at fifty six and a half at fan sports book and pain when you look at mel tucker is bunch. Clearly the offense has been a welcome breath of fresh air and wins over north western. And of course last weekend's fcs member youngstown state. But i think when you try and dive in this game the biggest match up to try and identify how things are going to go. We'll be that michigan state offensive line. Paving the way for kenneth walker against the miami defensive line that hey look we'll throughout the alabama game a lot of teams are gonna make Alabama's gonna make a lot of teams look bad. But what do we expect from the canes upfront against michigan state. Road graders so let's let the listeners. Know what the heck we're doing this week. We are going to change some things up. Todd posted a poll on what was the fifth game. You would like to hear us breakdown. We're gonna discuss that game. Obviously but we wanted to talk about more games. So what we're going to do is six games today. The first four are going to be like one key factor. The biggest thing that we think plays a role in the outcome of the game. And then we'll have deep dives for penn state auburn and alabama florida. So that's what we're doing here. I think this is probably the right way to approach. Is people want more games and so this felt like a week where there is a lot of those ones kind of on the cost of making the cut or not and so i think we said. Hey let's kind of discuss a couple of these. This is interesting. When you look at michigan and miami you'd dig into you know things past the power number and some things that stand out that are impactful but trying to always gauge. The the largest factor can be a little bit difficult. And i think you hit this perfectly one of the factors. Certainly the heat of miami have you. Have you seen the the weather projected. It's not good if you're training in. Northern climates now..

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