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She runs fashion in this country. Essentially she could do whatever she wanted. A lot of. This is about who she excluded up until very recently it's too. I really feel like it's time for a change. Yeah and and if you want it to exhibit the change that you are vowing to present wouldn't the noble thing be to say let's promote someone else to this role. Let's give someone else voice in this role that you're creating besides me anybody. Anna and here's think company is not doing well it you know. They're struggling subscribers. They've laid off people in several rounds this year and in earlier years. We've discussed it on this show. And i don't know if she is the exhibit of business success anymore volk has made some decisions recently about specifically what their covers about focusing on different body types people of color gender fluidity so they are kind of embracing this but it took people getting really angry to make that change and so instead of leading the way they were kind of forced into it which really bothers me. It wasn't until after people started protesting in the streets this summer. The anna torset. Anything like good for you lady but like you don't need that job as struggling with it the i am you you already run everything just do the gala at the matt do the thing the one thing that we care about every year. Just let somebody else take over the magazine. Okay okay justice suggestion more thoughts. But i think i can only wrap my head around that for tonight's action only get mad at so many things in one calendar day please no. I'm changing course on this entire episode. You have to do the fashion crime next. Fasching be read so this is true. Caring is being investigated for financial crimes. Those are my favorite crimes. At least you're gonna love this story. Oh man alpers racketeering his brady close okay so caring is a conglomerate that owns many important fashion labels including gucci saint laurent balenciaga alexander mcqueen etc. Luxury group is being investigated by financial prosecutors in france for quote aggravated laundering of tax evasion. Oh now as we go through this. You're going to have some questions. And i'm here to tell you right here right now. I don't have any answers. Okay i do not know what i'm telling. You is exactly what i know because it gets complicated into. Who's doing what and where they're doing it. Investigators are focusing on how a swiss logistic centre impacted the taxes at s. l. And balenciaga carrying said in a statement that quote refutes in the strongest possible terms all of the allegations tobacco up last year carrying agreed to pay one point two five billion euros as a tax settlement in italy related to the gucci label. I remember that yup in two thousand nineteen carrying agreed to transfer the majority of its logistic operations. That were then in switzerland to italy. The company was using switzerland as its international hub at that point and that became the center of tax evasion case so to back up a little bit more at the end of twenty seventeen. Italy conducted searches at gucci because they suspected that the label and its parent company were paying taxes in switzerland where taxes are lower on profits that were generated in italy. Got it what i think is happening. Is something similar is going on between switzerland and france about where they paid taxes and they're under investigation because of it it does not sound fun but they've already been through this similar type of investigation with switzerland and italy because of gucci. Yes right. And i read that the one point two five billion euros was like the most anyone has ever paid because of this kind of charge investigation young. Yeah that's it. They're.

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