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It still could be wrong. So make sure and nothing is worth that. Going through that, nothing is worth it. Finish second, if you have to, but be right. Right. It's not for the faint of heart that scoop game, man. I did one scoop in my life with the islanders. It was when our temi Panera was choosing between the islanders and maybe going to Columbus and maybe the rangers and there was all these talks the night before he was about to sign that he was going to the New York islanders. Islanders just had new ownership, like Lula Morello was in there. I'm like, holy shit, we're about to get our $10 million guy. This is it. I was in a group chat with multiple players in the NHL from different teams saying like sending me the bread emoji because they know I'm a huge islander fan being like bread man going to New York. Like this is insane. So I just tweeted out our tummy Panera and will be a New York islander tomorrow when we all wake up. Got thousands and thousands of likes retweets. Turns out he canceled the offer with the islanders and took less money to go with the rangers. The rangers came swooping in last second. He literally was confirmed with the islanders like texting the players. It was crazy. And now, and I never deleted it because you can't. Yeah, I don't know. And now what is it? What's the day of NHL free agency? Whatever July 31st, I get it tweeted at me every single year as an anniversary. Happy anniversary, 'cause now he's on my most hated rivalry. He's fucking crushing it 240 points since he's become a reindeer. It's insane. So I have to live with that my whole life. It's psychotic that that's something that's attached to me because it makes me the most mad that I've ever been ever. But yeah, I have to live with it. It's not for the faint of heart your game, man. It's fucking terrifying. Even me talking about the Antonio Brown thing, which, you know, worked out over the bills. Now I work out so well for him. And it turned into such a positive because for me, it really literally changed how I do my job. Absolutely forced me to reexamine my entire process. It made me a lot better reporter. But it sucks so bad. It was just so terrible. And we were at a horse racing, so I'll go with my wife. We're going to the Derby. It's going to be great. And we went to Belmont that year and one guy in a line was shouting, you know, AB to the bills at me. And it was two months later. I had already made my peace with it. I had processed it..

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