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He was also impressed Sanders picked up the lunch tab Barbecue I appreciate that Cleaner does not see eye to eye politically with Democrats on everything But he says he doesn't need to share common ground Now I guess what we're lacking in the market you know we've let something's politics get too divisive that we need to come back in the middle and try to find common ground again And when it comes to common ground unions are a pretty good option Yes union membership is tied for an all time low in this country but approval for unions is at its highest point since 1965 according to Gallup Big companies like Kellogg's were hit by strikes last year in organizing campaigns picked up at companies like Amazon and Starbucks All this gives Democrats a chance to attract not just union members but voters excited over labor issues Voters Democrats are losing on everything else from inflation to crime But Sanders union outreach has not been the norm for Democrats according to Dorian Warren with the left leaning economic security project It is mind boggling to me why this wouldn't be a fundamental and core priority of Democratic Party leadership The party had pushed the pro act which would make unionizing easier But it's both stalled and taken a backseat to other bills Democrats have also had their standing as the party for the working class taken over by Donald Trump The former president's blue collar appeal turned blue states like Michigan and Wisconsin purple Striking Alabama coal miner Matthew Wright says Trump's good for workers Very good for workers He'd keep you working Could the Democrat they don't want to work That will just stay home and draw a little beat check where they can control you Not me Yet Republicans have also been reluctant to side with unions Alabama senator Tommy tuberville denounced a Democrat led Senate hearing looking at Alabama's coal miner strike This hearing is what I call the dream Democrat political parlay Where members can be pro union anti Wall Street and anti mining production all in one hearing Well I won't be vote for him no more That's Riley Hewlett again one of the striking miners He was not happy when he heard tuberville defended warrior met coal The company Hewlett striking against He sucks If you either for the people or you're not Some people they talk out of two sides of their face Tuberville may have lost Hewlett but Hewlett says Democrats have to do a little more work to earn his vote For NPR news I'm Steven bishan Birmingham.

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