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More subject to credit approval exclusions apply yourself radio goes one on one with the good dolls on finding inspiration for their music every day there's something different that will inspire you I mean just the fact of just picking up a guitar and and accidentally playing the right three chords can spark inspiration and to create something I mean I was living in New York just taking a walk with with inspiring just the energy of the city the other thing that inspired me a lot was working with some guys who have a very very very very hard core work ethic they pursue a piece of music collector hunting or something you have to stick it out and keep working at things once the inspiration head speed goes away and the rest is very much like slapped his name to I heart radio for more goo dolls and all your favorite artists I heart radio goes one on one with the goo dolls on their longevity and the future I never thought we'd put a town that was cut and people wanted the time to just sort of stayed there because I have a tendency to sort of worry and panic about things I get too far ahead of myself I can get down to the negative aspects of any situation I might walk out in the street and get hit by a bus you know and I just want to try to make it a little more fun and a little more like because you don't know what's coming around the corner it's more keep listening to I heart radio for more from your favorite artists I heart radio goes one on one with Neal schon of journey to ask if they would welcome Steve Perry back should the opportunity arise you know Steve obviously contributed a lot like we all did and created everything that we are carrying on but you know this is an active band we are still very active in I'm all good with it like I've always said before.

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