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LAPD says a stolen Honda SUV with a twenty month old child inside has been found parked on a street in Venice. It was stolen the marina. Del Rey this afternoon. When the mother of the child apparently went into a store for about twenty minutes. She came out the SUV was gone. The child is now safe. But apparently, the thief got away to people have been killed in a fire in Carson firefighters say the fire started early this morning at a building that had been converted into a living space and animal was also killed in the fire. Mayor Garcetti is in Atlanta Mercedes Benz stadium to watch the Super Bowl Garcetti is going to be at the game. Tomorrow to watch the Rams take on the New England Patriots for the Lombardi trophy. He may have played a key role in bringing the Rams back to LA after they spend twenty three seasons and Saint Louis Rams have never won a Super Bowl while based in the LA last LA NFL team to win. It all was the then Los Angeles Raiders who defeated Washington in Super Bowl. Eighteen Tampa stadium in Tampa, Florida. You can listen to Super Bowl fifty three tomorrow on AM five seventy K L A C L A sports. It is the worst hotel ever more. Specifically brought worst a local butcher in the southern German town of ritter's Bach owns the sausage hotel. The hotel is decked out in everything sausage from wallpaper and sausage shaped pillows and soap two hooks on the ceiling with real sausage hanging from them. The brought theme continues into the restaurant. There are normal things. Like brought on a bun and sausage samplers. There are also less normal things like brought were soup and brought salad and for dessert brought worst ice cream and chocolate pudding with slices of bratwurst. Amy king KFI news. Lots of rain lots of flooding. That's right. If you're traveling in the. Mid city area the ten west at Vermont avenue. The left.

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