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On occasion there's there's those parts of us that are not the nicest of part sometimes where we look at people and we're like I just wish he would stop breathing right now I don't I think that's a bad thing to say because some people can you stop wasting my oxygen could you just stop breathing so what brings you to Montana I have well to see you and to see a variety of people that I know up here some my insides some strong inside circle people up here there's actually the very tight network of post military people in the Flat Valley Oh yes yes this is this veteran country for sure and once once you visit here if people haven't been if you were to come here you pretty much understand immediately it's one of the most beautiful places yeah it's gorgeous here and it it's Spartan living conditions are spartan here and you can get out and get away from people relative with relative ease here which I think is extremely strongly valuable look where we are now yeah that view does not suck at all the rest of the trees cut down tomorrow morning that's happened it's more tomorrow tomorrow Yep that's good views going I mean it already is awesome it's killer the great when you get that last chunk down asking me so yeah I've got a bunch of friends appear my friend good friend of Mine Austin he is an amazing human and he was a neo de cat and he had gotta new equipment he was a free fall instructor for the community community worked at a the drops on Suffolk and he had a bad malfunction on some new gear that he was testing and den Dan and unfortunately paralyzed himself but he is a remarkable human has a great attitude about it and just is a happy you know super go lucky dude to the point where like he he's so happy at almost makes me a little nauseated sometimes I have had that experience experienced it actually it really surprised me my first team leader when I went to the east coast provided for me well well before that example of positivity in the face of something that most people would probably crumble in front of when I look back at the most impactful people that I've ever worked for like taught me leadership lessons the absolute apex and he was an e. seven or eight at the time usually they're senior seven or a junior e. eight at the time so he he was a team leader not not just eighteen but that was this is position the team leader in HP I know so and you know the story he's an amazing person very amazing person and I don't know the exact details details of how many deployments don but he basically to nutshell it got out scot-free when it came to injuries and found a job in the arms space manufacturing space outside but also is contracting with alphabet soup agency in for my understanding on his first deployment appointment like the first week steps on a pressure plate ad I believe ones below the knee and one is above and both that dude is is the most positive dude like it just you know and I've talked to him about it and they actually reconnected after that happened I got the news like he was flown down to candidate and I guess they used every every drop of blood that they had that matched his and I guess he crashed a few times on the Table Cup multiple tournament kits on each leg and I finally reconnected with him on the phone when he was still in the hospital Oh and there was absolutely zero sense of home you know have pity for me like I can't believe this happened to me he was pumped to be alive he's like hey andy what's going on how are things in your life yes it actually fucked me up to me in so he's incredibly positive thankful be alive thinking about the future and not wasting a second worrying about why was I had a guy who stepped on this ordeal across the pressure plate is unbelievable Yeah Yeah I love that in people why can't people have that I don't know I actually and I'm talking about myself because I know I will slide to the pessimist side the house I'd like to say I'm not a realist right which is just a justification for repeat customers vacation it's just is to tell myself to try to convince myself that I'm not an asshole sometimes I often get called an asshole I think it's why we get along so well well the people you know what it's actually actually didn't plan this but it's the perfect segue because I think your first impression of me might have been down those lines so you might as well tell the story of how we met which I don't remember having this situation happen but it does sound like something I would do oh you definitely did it all right uh yeah so I got into like I had gotten off active duty you know five I started contracting like literally within days of like you getting off active duty and then got into this new thing that I got introduced to called Cross it which at that point two thousand five never heard of it it and so guys on our team we're doing it and I didn't know what it was it was awesome because it would kick your ass and you could get good workouts done pretty quick which I liked from a time management perspective so I came back from deployment and I was living in Temecula at the time and I found this gym called overload fitness pollen Jordan graphs Jim I know well yeah good people it's uncanny the number of people that we know in common yeah yeah and so we've walked in some circles right next to each other didn't even realize it I I mean they're my friends and you just happen to know them but that's okay probably was training with them before they were even a real affiliate but that's okay whatever I met them I one day before Oh you did they like me before you that's what they told me because I'm ginger and everybody hates gingers so yeah I got to train them in their in in their gym and learned the INS and outs of cross it and then over time let's say it was like two thousand nine I felt like I was ready I felt like I'd earned my place after three years of crossing cross fitting consistently to go get my level one cert- other people not so much apparently it's okay to do level ones if you've only been cross fitting for like a week and a half now so like I said when I worked for was doing the seminars one of the questions that we asked every time at the beginning of that was anybody here never actually experienced across it worked out right because of the risk of Rabbo obviously yeah and of course in a group setting with adult males that's the perfect opportunity to give yourself wrapped oh oh it is no exposure exposure to the stimulus and however I'm surrounded by people who appear to be a type let's go hard and the pain yeah very hard in the paint yeah so then I think we were we're going through the seminar you were there who else Nicole who's in Colorado right steelers there yeah it was at the law enforcement or the the State Police Academy and Golden Dip and so we were there and we were I think Fran was the last workout we had to do out of the workouts there for the seminar and so oh I had never done Fran prior to the seminar should describe it for those who are not crusted familiar yeah so fran is a it's a it's a wad her workout of the day that is this exercise called thrusters which is you've got a barbell and you basically squat down and push it over your head and then it's twenty twenty one thousand nine ripped you do twenty-one thrusters than twenty one pull ups than you do fifteen thrusters fifteen pull ups and then nine thrusters nine pull ups and and that rep count doesn't seem very high but that combination of like that amount of work will destroy smash you ninety five pounds traditionally additionally for men and it was sixty five seventy seventy five for women and also that weight doesn't set the alarm bells off a lot of people well no but it actually is one of the most well for me at least heinous workouts that reps scheme because it about fifteen you think you can push your way through on the first set and then at about nine on the second set you thinking can push away through and then you're just in hell for the nine set yeah you feel like you're GonNa die and so I was I'd never done it prior to the seminar and somebody came in like they're like hey for your for your Sir you're GonNa have to do this workout and I was like look at it and so the night attempted it a couple of times in the gym I and I just got fucking annihilated by and I think what was your first time on it oh like sixteen minutes or something like that I think and I think back then a benchmark sub-10 yawn the fastest people I think were maybe sub for right and for some context in the modern day I've seen people do it sub sub two and I've also seen people do three times back to back to back sub eight Oh God dot makes me WanNa throw up in my mouth yeah there's some remarkable humans out there so anyway gutting out this workout and I was in the middle of Nicole is kind of standing there and she was cheering me on and to this point I'd like doc I got sixteen minutes the first time and then like fourteen and then I got I think I got down to like twelve before came to the seminar but anyway I'm setting I'm dying and I'm I'm like in the middle of my like second like fifteen and I'm dying and I'm like hands on my knees thinking I might vomit Nicole Nicole is sitting there cheering me on I look up I'm like man she's hot she's also really super positive in this is awesome to have someone that's cool like cheering me through this workout 'cause I a really WANNA throw up and die right now and then I wrapped up that lasts that middle set and I'm starting my my nine and rusting again hands on knees starting I was going to die and you came by and I remember just CDs like feet walk up in front of me and I neither dude feet and so then I looked up and you're standing there looking standing over me and you look down and you're like maybe this isn't for you and then you just turn them walked off and I was like I hate that motherfucker I want to kill him and then that enraged me and so powered through that last bit of nine that lasts seven nine and then I think I did go outside and vomited all over the place and then I went and got to drink water and I came back and then just for the rest of the seminar I wanted to take a barbell and just throw it through your body thor I wanted to spare you fucking barbell because I hated you so much in that moment I was like fuck is this motherfucker I want to kill him right now but I did pr because you because I know people and how to connect you to get the best performance I should've Said who who your instructor some which is what I my day job was at that time so I do not remember saying that to you however like I said it's one hundred percent chance that I did say that yeah but my day job during that time here was buds instructor so I probably was just in kind of neutral coasting around pretending like I was working yeah and that was that that was how I was how we met and then what was funny is that you didn't remember that I remembered you but she's not remember me I was very unremarkable apparently so then fast forward aw I think like four years ago I was I got brought on five eleven to do media stuff and like be an ambassador take photos and stuff which I was extremely still very uncomfortable with like transitioning out of what we've done for work like you're very per sec mind you know personal security minded very operational security minded you hate social media you don't like it's bizarre to be on the side of the camera that is actually being captured opposed.

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