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In review sponsored by outdoor living unlimited. That Foxconn story is just crazy. So many ups and downs all throughout the week. I think any way that you slice it, even though Foxconn now says they're back on track to build the plant and add the jobs. This is not been a good week for Foxconn optics matter. And it's just been not a great week. Are they building are they adding jobs are they following through? And apparently it remains in play. It's three thirty eight at WTMJ. It's the speaker versus the president today in Washington DC relied on the nation's capital straight ahead. Jim Griffin talks candidly with John Mercure to Jimmy didn't start out being the number one dealer statewide in a lot of your brands. What does it take to be and stay number one in the car business? Well, John, you're not gonna believe this. But I think most car dealers are a little bit competitive. Just a little bit. I have been competitive my whole life, and you know, you just do the right things, and you come to work and you sell cars, and you put yourself in position to win that title usually were right there in the running. We want to earn your business, and we work very hard to get that business. How important is it that people leave and feel really good when they feel real good? They're going to tell other people if you drop the ball, they're gonna tell twice as many people you have to take care of that customer period. Is it Griffin Ford Waukesha Griffin Chevy and Griffin's hub Milwaukee Griffin? Ford Lincoln, fort Atkinson or Griffin Chrysler Dodge Jeep ram in Jefferson. If you listen to the show off, and you know, we cover a lot of different topics. Some I know about some I have other speak to here's one I know about wants you to hear about as well, it's town Bank. It's my Bank. It's the best bang, my family and Bank there, you know, one of the reasons is because no one takes care of us. The way our good friends at town Bank. Do they care about their customers their communities? They offer great banking solutions. Even better service. As a matter of fact, my guy at my town Bank has helped me out from halfway across the world when I've had an issue or right here in Milwaukee. When I've had a little thing. I have a question about my guy at town Bank is Dan he's on top of it..

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