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Live radio maybe wanna hear news interview again listen to the story about Josh Hamilton in Austin your cat check out the new rewind feature in radio dot coms app this morning's lightning struck the front of the north west fourth gas station left a hole about fifteen feet in diameter about four feet deep regret our global trunks of concrete that were up to two foot by two foot we're approximately seventy five feet away from where they started miss lightning strike just north of eight twenty met drive doll for my trip doll from the fort worth fire department says that some gas tanks in that neighborhood but they didn't get affected we got pictures and video of the crater at K. are of the dot com Plano has joined other North Texas cities and letting people taxed two nine one one when they're going for emergency care all these Alan Scott has the details director of public safety communications says the city answers at ninety seven percent of nine one one calls within ten seconds but some people may not be able to talk or feel safe talking if you have someone in your house and you're free to talk that's a good opportunity to use a text and I'm a one season Kerr says Plano has been trying out texts nine one one since the summer we have been in a soft launch for the last two months and we're ready to roll that out to the public she says the city will eventually upgrade its network but until then people cannot text a picture or video to nine one one if you do text Kerr says people need to send a clear message without abbreviations most of Collin county allows taxing the nine one one but it's not available in the city of Dallas or anywhere in Tarrant county if you text nine one one in an area that can accept them the message will bounce back and when sky on his radio ten eighty K. will the game seven winner takes all tonight Washington nationals fans say they are confident their team's gonna win like we left the bats in Houston we found again last night Brenda and hit the ball really good last night so it has been hit the ball solid I think we're shares are healthy you'll come right on in here and get of the strike outs and.

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