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The act although that's all i'm point that's my point like i get lebrun the last twelve games only 22 points again twenty present play requiring that stretch boy to say it's all because he's a free agent end the uncertainty no way let's go to my may lsu gaza else to say no no i i may i got was like no that was wanted a big is beat down i've given you mr andrew late sergey matt chris takes round won the bronze it is a problem but it's the age and it's the fact that it's the regular season that's the biggest problem rather cavalier is well segments thank you miss a hero on the fox words dot com website so he knows exactly that i let let this is a real hard way o bring the weekdays now don't weeks stuff this is a perfect segue to our second topics so as you said the cavs three and nine in their last twelve yes i think we should do a hypothetical came chris where are you are dan gilbert and unload braun coming to you on how to fix the cleveland cavaliers do you wanna play along her now now i'm going i'm gonna knock on the door hey did what's up no no no vote this is a face to face autism favourites come on hey what's mayo dad disrespect will through the mire ministry liberal with a literally a dan dan pigs the it surprising young novelists odd you in a widely win you use it oh come up rear low how bad i want to win and i slalon to they i i saw what's going on a limb have wine i got some why why why did you see jaanus great relationship with his owner milwaukee tritan could have tried to say jason kidd you see damien lillard portland went right to the owner good relationship oncoming do you then.

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