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Are down one and a half percent airlines are again waving change fees and canceling flights as yet another winter storm threatens to make a mess of air travel along the east coast nationwide more than two hundred sixty five flights have been cancelled and another one hundred fifteen had been delayed so far that's your money now you're next update in half an hour here on komo listen it's been mostly a lovely day in seattle and points south i spring in not so lucky on the east coast forecasters say new york city and its suburbs are about to be hit with the fourth nor'easter this month better be the last one yeah just ready for t over i go shovels it's my kids to help me salt anything you can think of forecasters say new york city could get three to six inches of snow ten or more inches of snow predicted for the suburbs springtime has come crashing into the south bringing hail lightning and tornadoes softball size hail that counted parts of east texas where a hint at what was rolling into alabama and georgia a lot of trees down power outages johnny smith is mayor of jacksonville alabama whereas search for victims is underway after a possible tornado touchdown about stroke nearby ardmore alabama where michael shell lynn old i don't know this never happened before i love full rebuild or what we'll do down northern florida his on watch for a rough start to spring jim ryan abc news and jim ryan by the way is in texas for a specific reason we're going to speak with him in about twelve minutes he's in austin covering those package bonds so jim ryan is standing by for that in just a few minutes here on komo news there may be no more hope for a better way to fight the flu a chemist at uc san diego says the tweet small molecule drug that may lead to better protection from fluid regardless of the strain seth cohen says the new therapy could kill the virus on its own or slow it down enough so the body can handle it he says it's like taking an antibiotic for a viral infection eagerly that research komo news time one twenty four aaa traffic every ten minutes.

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