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Did you know the time 'cause born on the thirties lie true story ken what's your i'm going to say correct tom cruise was born on the thirty july good answer that is correct but not for this game they were playing i'm gonna guess independence day oh that's a good guest makes what do you think i'm going red dawn another great guess adam coach carter all great guesses i don't know why they slipped up and did use this tagline but this is a tagline for motion picture starring mariah carey called glitter oh again very okay we got valentine's day glitter and we're gonna start again down there with the revie k just in what movie has the tagline the tail and audience members please don't yell it out 'cause you're gonna be so excited that you know it oh shit the tale of two american idol's what's it called fuck this is a double edged sword because if i get it right there's like no credibility for guy works at a rock station you realize that right you do what do you think is it from justin to kelly that's correct i mean i'm very happy wind would've liked it better you said is it called for me to kelly of course your name is johnson suggested is on the board with one point we go to ken to start off this next one ken what movie we've got valentine's day glitter and from justin kelly what movie has the tagline dreams change friends are forever.

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