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I mean this. Is this your approach approach. In general I mean that's that's how you succeed. Playing the game is being studious and thorough and tireless. I mean it if people people think oh you know you can't win you can win you win all the time but you know there. It's eight awards seven steps back nine steps forward ten steps back but then thirteen steps forward and only eight steps back at it. It's a matter too of it's so oh true what the experts say money management experts. It's the big scores that mitigate all the little defeats. You have to have a big score to really really mitigate all the little losses along the way <hes> so. There's a lot of ways they've got a big score. These days and you have to go for but the same time you have to realize that you're GONNA lose a lot to get there and you hear a lot of people say oh. I've been losing so I've stopped playing well then you need to do something jumped out managing your bankroll so you can play continuously. It's a merry go round and once you jump on you better. Stay on it otherwise you're GONNA lose opportunities. You have to be consistent and that statement Brad I. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa Guess yes and suggest that you find the game as exciting and as rewarding as ever has been of course there's things about it that are not nearly as good as they were thirty or forty years ago but you can say that about so many aspects of life but there's also oh things about it that are better you could come to Mama Park in one thousand nine hundred seventy six and see really really good horses every single Saturday but you could only one daily double one tri factor no pick threes or pick four or pick fives or sixes or even super factors.

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