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I tried again toll myself to breathe like I said it out loud. But then after another five minutes of breathing and squinting and hurting and twisting and talking to myself, I turned to my only link with the real world and said Scottie, go, get dead Scottie. Pippen looked down at me. Again, his face is placid and noncommittal as it was when he was standing at the free throw line and his glory days bull. Then he unbuckled his seat belt and unfolded his legs. So he could go find help as we rose through the air, the pain in my side and back intensified such that it no longer felt only like someone was stabbing me it felt as if something was growing inside me and wanted out like I was living out that famous scene from. Alien at the start of the worst of it. I had the presence of mind to wonder how I was going to live down shrieks echoing back to me from inside the confines base of the airplane for a few moments during the game. I've been a part of the action just another guy on the team. Now, it was making what could only be described as a scene. My concern for my image was short-lived by the time our pilot leveled our plane, I didn't much care about my reputation or about anything at all. Really? I was just glad I'd found a position that sort of helped lying catty corner on the mattress curl just slightly on my right? Good side breathing short, rapid brats since hip and had gone to retrieve him Ted hadn't left my side as we through the mid nights guy. I asked him over and over what was wrong with me. He said over and over that he didn't know what he did. No. I could tell from his is was that. He was scared. I asked if there was anything he could do something I could take for the pain. Maybe. But no, he said, he didn't know what was wrong. So it wouldn't be a good idea to start giving me pills. Okay. So what am I gonna pass out? Ted grimaced shook his head and put out his hand for me to hold onto. Our descent into Chicago was pure madness. As far as I was concerned, I was screaming and crying and my fingers and toes were numb from hyperventilating. Which was alarming to me because at the time I didn't have access to the rational cause and effect of the previous clause, Ted handed me a paper bag and told me to breathe into the landing only made things worse, turning my gut like it was a kitchenaid mixer. I might have thought then that at least I was close to help. But help brought with it. Another challenge. I was going to have to move midway through our flight Ted sent someone to the front of the plane to talk to the pilots, they'd radioed ahead O'hare and had gotten permission to land as soon as we arrived in Chicago airspace. An ambulance would be waiting on the runway such are the perks. When you're an NBA basketball player. Possibly dying. Ted told me all of this in a part of me, the part, we all have that is available to detach from the mind and body and gain something like perspective thought about how ridiculous. This was all going to seem later if it turned out that I just had a broken rib Pacers x-ray machine at missed. As promised the ambulance wasn't far away. Three. Paramedics used the plane's rear entrance hustled their way to the front won and became my gravest enemy. He said I was going to have to help them get me onto the stretcher. Like some ruined wild animal or a drunk. Courtney love twisted myself into the corner of the birth and any movement getting stabbed in the side. Again, I breathed a few times and then on someone's count to three close my eyes and tossed myself up toward the waiting medical arms. But I didn't make it. I hadn't heaved hard enough. I collapsed onto the mattress the paramedic. Got simultaneously stern and tender come on, buddy. You gotta do this. And so I did my second. Try was just successful enough to land my shoulders waiting arms, those arms and a few others dragged me onto a stretcher bright closed. My eyes is the pain washed over my midsection. By now that pain had become almost cleansing..

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