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I needed i needed to just relaxing spend time my family and figure out what i want to do next so after you missed week seventeen both plath games that knee injury it sounds like the knee and the hamstrings are all good and you are physically fully ready to go wherever you do wind up that's accurate physically mentally most ready to go and and hopefully in the next coming weeks i'll be able to make that decision and how confident are you that when training camp gets underway that you'll be on a roster at that point or shortly thereafter i'm confident that the teams that are spoken to and and the place that i see myself and in the coming weeks i think it's going to be i think it's gonna be great for me and the team that's all about being transparent being open and honest with each other and i think i've been able to do that through up of course in my career and i think the people that i've been talking to we we're on the same page oh so wait so if i'm hearing this correctly demarco you're talking to four or five teams but you do think you're gonna wind up in a certain spot whatever that spot is i believe so i'll believe so it's all about making the right opportunity for me there's been teams that reached out and i wasn't interested in just because the opportunity wasn't there as far as the winning capabilities and and vice versa you know so it's all about it's all about just the championship mindset having a chance to make the playoffs and and going somewhere why do i compete and hope whether it's a great run by their young running back their veteran back there's all about working together and trying to compete and get to the ultimate goal last year you play with derrick henry what do you envision for derrick henry this upcoming season and in his nfl future i think there's a smart guy he's fast guy very physical athletic and now that i'm not there i think he could hone in on on being the guy and if they use them the right way and if he can consistently be the every now and back i think he has a great feature of bright future and in the the times are great team great organization and marcus is going into fourth year so with him having played three years and knowing opposite the new offense but going to the autism i think they're going to simplify things for him a little bit and let him be the quarterback let him kind of teach our so i think there will be great if they can continue to run the ball well and and you know protect your quarterback i think they'll be fine and what kind of quarterback how good do you think mariota can be in time demarco i think you'll be great obviously he was a young guy when i was their second and third year player but he took strides every every week every year to better himself he's a guy that works on everything they comes in if he can be a little bit more vocal in really take charge of the offense i i think he's gonna be great you know a lot of guys in that lock them love them they respect them he works hard he's every single day put it in the hours and put it in the work if he can really just just be more vocal and take charge that offense i think i think it's gonna be great couple of other questions before let you go that tie back to your past but you talked about you have an idea of where you might wind up wherever that is any predictions or id as where your former teammate dez bryant might wind up that's that's that's a tough question i think this is unbelievable player and and then surprising that he's not on a team now but i think he's doing the same thing that i am he's waiting and been patient to make sure that all the pieces in the poses or almost complete until he makes his final decision to make sure that no this is a championship team and this team that wants him and that he wants to be a part of and i mean i've heard rumors about the titans i think would be great fit in that locker room great fit for that team and have some young players and and.

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