North Carolina, Richard Stalin, Governor Cooper discussed on KC O'Dea Show


Time we'll be able to listen in live in cases are are you listening to fox news connected continues with one oh six one FM talk keeping a close eye on coronavirus trends as we plan for North Carolina to get back to work Richard Stalin reports governor Roy Cooper says he remains optimistic that the state can move into phase one of its plan for re opening by the end of this week however he also said last week the decision will be based on data provided by state health officials leaders want to see a sustained downward trend of new covert nineteen cases within a fourteen day period before restrictions on businesses are east phase one would limit gatherings of no more than ten people but more retail businesses would be allowed to re open I'm Richard styling a corona virus relief package awaits governor Cooper's signature state lawmakers Saturday signed off on a one point six billion dollar compromise spending plan the bill contains provisions for small business municipal governments education needs as well as funding for health care facilities coronavirus in North Carolina is blamed for four hundred forty four deaths now DHHS says twelve thousand tests have come back positive two police officers shot this morning in spring lake it happened as they attempted to serve warrants at a home on Poe Avenue one of the officers is undergoing surgery at Cape Fear valley the suspect who was also shot during that altercation was airlifted to you in C. Chapel Hill a motorcyclist is dead after a wreck in Winston Salem and happened Saturday evening near Clemons ville road in Cornell Boulevard police say Justin Hancock crashed his motorcycle into a jeep Cherokee he died at the scene a woman and two kids in the jeep were not hurt an investigation is ongoing this is the start of hurricane preparedness week forecast models predicting it to be an active one and tell you to stock up on certain supplies but well good luck with that hurricane season runs from.

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