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So the us. Supreme court will review a major case involving abortion and the governor of texas signs and abortion ban into law. What are they implications for roe. V wade notre dame of law. Carter sneed is here with analysis. A congressional hearing this week looks at the controversial twenty twenty two winter olympics in china. Should the united states boycott the games over china's record on human rights given rights activists. Reggie littlejohn and congressman. Chris smith will respond. Seeking larry only of hope and purpose. Ministry shows how here's organization is bringing hope and unity to the poor in africa and what we can do in the west. Finally is chivalry. Did in modern society brad. Minor author of the complete gentleman has answers and perhaps a few solutions. The world over begins right now. Now raymond. royal a warm. Welcome to all of you. Joining us in the united states and the world over. What show we have for you tonight. It's all.

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